Fnatic on Caps’s Solo Queue Behavior: “He Has a Lot to Learn When it Comes to Handling His Emotions”

Just yesterday, Fnatic revealed the latest iteration of their League of Legends division. Their rosters included both new and old faces, including the significantly lesser-known mid laner Ramus “Caps” Winther.

Unfortunately, the seventeen-year-old has been forced to learn that the internet doesn’t forget, no matter how under the radar you previously flew.

Shortly after the announcement, the League of Legends Reddit was introduced to Caps in the form of previous toxic behavior – behavior that is something Caps is no stranger to, as it appears. Along with a thread dedicated to alleging that the LCS player has been intentionally feeding, there were accusations afoot that claimed that Caps no longer cared about the game and intentionally got himself killed in-game. These allegations were supported by recordings published to YouTube.

Furthermore, Caps had several screenshots of his in-game chat logs leaked via Twitter and Reddit. In these chat logs Caps threatened to “Trash” other teams, claiming that he would ensure that the players would never, “Get to join a CS nor LCS team.”

The community was thrown into a heated debate that had support on both sides. While several insisted that an organization should take great lengths to ensure that they aren’t signing toxic players, just as many feel that if a player is willing to change their behavior then how they play is much more important.

Caps responded to the slew of accusations with an apology posted to his TwitLonger.

“I would like to apologize for my recent behavior in solo queue, both to the community and to the people I flamed,” wrote Caps, “I regret what I did and I let my ego get the better of me. I hurt other people and I understand that this is not acceptable.”

Continuing on, Caps said that Fnatic taught him that being a pro player is about being a good person and using his platform to set an example and that it’s much more than just performing well on the stage.

“I will be working with our management and teammates to improve my behavior inside and outside of the game (…) I’d like to thank all of the fans and teammates who believe in me and I am determined to prove them and the community that I’m worthy of this huge opportunity.”

Fnatic also responded to the recent response towards Caps’s previous behavior by stating  that they are aware of his poor behavior, but are more concerned with helping him reform.

“Such behaviour is does not meet the standards that we set for players within our organization,” said Fnatic in a Reddit comment, “Going forward, we will be monitoring Rasmus’ behaviour very carefully. We have committed to providing him with a healthy platform to grow and improve, both as a player and an individual.”

The comment closed by assuring fans that Caps is on a sort of probation, where a single instance of poor behavior will be punished severely.

“He has a lot to learn when it comes to handling his emotions. However, we are confident that together we can get him to a place where he can be that role model that professional players need to be.”

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