Fnatic’s League of Legends Team Looking To Update Their Infrastructure

Yesterday, 11/13, one of the managers of the Fnatic League of Legends team, Finlay “Quaye” Stewart, announced on Twitter that they were looking to totally remodel their infrastructure.

“No update on our new roster yet, ” said Quaye, “But our plans for next season include large upgrades to our infrastructure.”

So what does that entail? Well, the team manager was a little vague but he did give a small list of what he wanted to change and add to the team as a whole.

  • Substitute for every position.
  • Training Center (Gaming office) where the team will practice in every day.
  • Adding a sports psychologist and “other staff”.

Currently, Fnatic only has substitutes for AD carry and support: Johan “Klaj” Olsson and Giedrius “DoubleG” Dagys, the latter of which filling the empty spot that Bora “Yellowstar” Kim left vacant when he announced his retirement. With two of the five available positions being played by temporary subs, Fnatic has only three players signed to the starting lineup. At present, there is no hint towards who will be taking over those responsibilities.

On the note of sports psychology being included in eSports, Fnatic would not be the first to recognize psychology as a very important, yet overlooked, part of eSports. Team Liquid revealed that they were looking for a sports psychologist earlier this year, and Ninjas in Pyjamas released an article covering a psychologist’s perspective on how imperative it is for an organization to meet their players’ needs.

Quaye took over as Fnatic’s League team manager back in January and has been working with the team to change major issues that have been brought up before. In fact, Former Fnatic League of Legends Head Coach, Luis “Deilor” Sevilla, Tweeted, “Happy to see Fnatic is planning to do things properly,” in response to Quaye’s tweet.

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