First Five Ultimates coming to Killer Instinct on Valentine’s Day!

Earlier today, the Killer Instinct team took to their official forums so as to give us our first batch of information regarding the long-awaited arrival of the Ultimate finishers.

When Jago’s Ultimate was first revealed, it was assumed that such a finisher would be shared by the whole cast, but that is apparently not the case. When asked how many characters would receive Ultimates, the KI team answered that as of now, fifteen characters (excluding Shadow Jago who already has his Ultimate) will receive them. They’ve even revealed the first five characters to be gifted with these Ultimates:

  • Jago
  • Thunder
  • Maya
  • TJ Combo
  • Tusk

A preview on Thunder’s Ultimate was included in their post. More will be shared throughout the next week before they are officially released, as promised by the developers.

The first wave of Ultimates will be released on Valentine’s Day (February 14th) via an in-game booster pack called the Ultimate Master Pack. The best part about all this? It’s absolutely FREE. No need to pay, no need to complete in-game tasks to unlock them, nothing! It’s all yours, no strings attached!

Release dates for the other ten Ultimates have not been disclosed.

As to how to perform these Ultimates? According to the developers, you will first perform the input for your character’s Ultra Combo, then quickly press LP + LK simultaneously as your Ultra animation starts up. If you lose your first health bar during a match, you will not be able to perform the Ultimate, so we suggest playing in top form if you want to deliver a flashy finish.

Currently, Shadow Jago’s Ultimate requires a slightly different method to execute. You reduce your character’s second health bar to the Danger zone, then press QCF LP+LK without the need for his Ultra input. It is unclear if this will be changed to accommodate the system the other characters must follow when performing their own Ultimates, so for now, we will assume that is not the case.

To read the developers’ blog regarding Ultimates, head over to their article at the Ultra Combo forums!

A huge thank-you goes out to Iron Galaxy and Microsoft for finally making one of our dreams a reality…well, technically, they already did so, but it was with only one character. Now, other characters will get to shine with their Ultimates, even if not all of them are as fortunate!

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