Firestorm Confirmed for Injustice 2 + Reverse Flash alternate skin revealed!

Update as of March, 20 2017 at 4:56 P.M. EST: Credits to HoneyBee for pointing out an image that confirms Reverse Flash as an alternate skin for the original Flash in Injustice 2. We’ve included this image while going on to discuss other similar costumes for Green Lantern and Supergirl. Please read on to see the edited article.

Last week, we’ve been blessed with a slew of welcome additions to the Injustice 2 roster!

Shortly before Final Round XX took place last weekend, NRS teased us with a continuation of their Shattered Alliances trailers. A certain handful of characters caught our eyes as the video played on, two of which you’re already familiar with thanks to the mobile version of the game…but the third threw us for a loop…

That’s right, Flash fanatics: Reverse Flash a.k.a. Zoom will be available as an alternate skin for The Flash! This revelation continues a familiar trend from Injustice 2’s predecessor where characters had alternate skins that appeared to resemble entirely different characters, such as the John Stewart and Yellow Lantern skins for Green Lantern and Damian Wayne for Nightwing. Speaking of which, it appears that the John Stewart skin is making a return while Supergirl is getting a similar opportunity. The image below confirms the impending arrival of nine DLC characters and three alternate skins for three fighters from the roster.

As well, the SA Part 2 trailer reveals gameplay for Green Lantern and Green Arrow, two more characters returning from the first Injustice title. Although their inclusion comes as no surprise given their debut in the game’s mobile version, but for those looking for clarification as to whether or not both characters would be coming back, they can relax now. As per the game’s legacy curve, both characters will retain their INJ1 movesets but are expected to have different frame data and possibly some new abilities like with Harley and Wonder Woman.

If you’d like to check out the Shattered Alliances trailer, see below.

Now, let’s fast-forward to the Monday after Final Round. As we discussed last week, the UpUpDownDown crew – led by Xavier Woods a.k.a. Austin Creed – visited Netherrealm Studios where they would not only meet the team behind Injustice 2’s creation but also inform us about the next surprise addition to the roster, and boy is it a blast! Pun fully intended.

Firestorm makes his debut in the Injustice storyline to join the fight against the regime! From watching his gameplay, he appears to be a character that excels in controlling space from a distance, somewhat like Dr. Fate but with his own approach to the archetype. A teleport attack is included in the character’s arsenal of moves, as is a trait that allows him to power up his fire-based attacks and gain new abilities.

Of course, every revealed character must have their own trailer crafted by NRS, and Firestorm is no different. Take a look!

With another character reveal coming up next Thursday, we’ll be expecting another character breakdown via NRS’s Watchtower stream. We’ll update you once we learn more about the plans for their next broadcast!

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