Final Three Players Announced for Red Bull Kumite Invitational!

Two days ago, the Red Bull crew raised the curtain on the last three players to be invited to the Salle Wagram, where sixteen of the best Street Fighter V players in the world will compete for a combination of bragging rights and money…lots and lots of money.

The Red Bull Kumite is a two-day event set to take place in Paris on the weekend of May 27th and May 28th. The final bracket will feature sixteen players with fourteen of its slots to be filled by the competitors invited to this event. The last two finalists will be decided by a 256-man bracket to be played on the 27th.

If you want to go down in history as a Street Fighter legend, then sign up on March 12th to take your talents to the Salle Wagram! Follow for updates on registration when it goes live.

As for the invited players…before today, we’d learned the identities of the first eleven players to be hand-picked for the return of the Red Bull Kumite. We’ll re-list them here as a reminder:

  • Echo Fox Tokido
  • Qanba Douyu Xiao Hai
  • PR Balrog
  • RB
  • Alienware Nemo
  • Rize Infexious
  • Meltdown Mister Crimson
  • Red Bull Bonchan
  • BX3 Phenom
  • Xyzzy
  • Red Bull Luffy

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So who are the last three players to complete the roster…?

Daigo Umehara – the Beast himself will join his fellow Japanese competitors to walk the Path of the Hado! At the age of thirty-five years old, Daigo’s competitive resume boasts a mountainous list of remarkable triumphs from the entire Street Fighter franchise, and his domination shows no signs of stopping. While he has seen unarguably more success in the Street Fighter 4 series, he did finish in a joint 13th place at last year’s Capcom Cup after clutching it out in a dramatic exhibition against HORI Sako’s Chun-Li. When his trademark character Ryu got slammed with a wave of nerfs in Season 2, Daigo made a temporary switch to Guile in an effort to stay at the top of the tier list but he could not maintain his interest in the character, so he found his way back home to Ryu and resolved to make him work in spite of his highly apparent weaknesses.

Daigo is known for performing the successful sequence of 3rd Strike parries that would go on to be acknowledged as a piece of EVO history…EVO Moment 37, to be more precise. Below is the clip capturing this legendary moment. Not surprisingly, when EVO 2016 hit television screens all around the globe last year, a clip of EVO Moment 37 was shared in an effort to educate the audience on one of the many things that makes the fighting game community a truly exciting entity.

Since Ryu now has a parry in SFV, Daigo might pull another rabbit out of his hat at Red Bull Kumite! ūüėČ

Infiltration – the face of Nash from Season 1, Infiltration ended 2016 on both a high note and a low note. His biggest triumph occurred at EVO 2016 where he ran it back for two consecutive sets against RZR Fuudo in Grand Finals to become the champion, but¬†then he came to Capcom Cup where he had quite an off day. Since then, Infiltration’s been training relentlessly in an effort to recollect himself. When Street Fighter V made the switch to Season 2, Nash was among the characters to receive quite a lot of nerfs so it’s unclear if Infiltration will stick with the character or walk a different road – though many may remember his oppressive Akuma from the SF4 series…perhaps he will embrace the Satsui no Hado again?

It should be noted that Infiltration defeated Tokido’s Ryu last year to become the Red Bull Kumite champion. With both players confirmed to return this year, the community is already preparing itself for the possibility of a runback. Both players have been exploring new character choices recently so it’s quite likely that we won’t see a Nash vs. Ryu runback should these titans meet once again, but one way or another, it promises to be entertaining.

Gachikun – not much is known about this player, but we have been treated to glimpses of his mastery over Rashid last year. Known for an impressive performance against Daigo Umehara at Red Bull 5G last year, Gachikun goes on to hold his ground against other titans such as Momochi and Bonchan. Many have labeled him as a dark horse for Red Bull Kumite this year.

The last two finalists to be added to the 16-man bracket for Red Bull Kumite could include¬†you.¬†Think you’ve got what it takes to take on the best World Warriors? Then follow Red Bull at their Twitter page so you don’t miss out on their latest news!

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