Final Round XX Announced as First Premier Event for Capcom Pro Tour 2017!

Coming up this March is the twentieth iteration of Atlanta’s major fighting game event – Final Round! Every year, a combination of current-generation titles mixed with beloved classics are featured at one of the most prominent locations in the country.

Except that for this year, numerous changes will be introduced, such as the relocation to a new venue called the Georgia International Convention Center! The event is scheduled to take place on March 10 – 12, 2017. To register, please visit FR’s page –,

For more details regarding the event, please follow Final Round’s Twitter account.

And now…for the big surprise.

Yesterday afternoon, Capcom Fighters made an announcement designating Final Round XX as the first Premier Event for the 2017 season of the Capcom Pro Tour! $15,000 in cash prizes will be up for grabs and all of the Street Fighter V matches will be hype, gamers!

What is the Capcom Pro Tour, you may ask? It is a yearly tournament circuit supported not only by the players, but also by Capcom, the company behind the production of its trademark Street Fighter series! Every year, a series of events will double as qualifiers for the Pro Tour, with points distributed to players depending on their placings while nabbing 1st place will automatically lock you in for the Capcom Cup unless you are already qualified. In the event a qualified player wins a Capcom Pro Tour event, the qualifying spot for that tournament is rendered null and void, but the points are still awarded.

The Capcom Pro Tour expands across multiple regions and will culminate in a final bracket consisting of thirty-two of the world’s best Street Fighter players, all of whom will gather in America to battle for the right to be called the best. The previous Capcom Pro Tour reached its conclusion at the Playstation Experience in Anaheim, CA, and more than likely the 2017  season will see its end there as well. It should also be noted that it was aired on national television via the ESPN2 network, just as Evolution 2016 was!

Missed out on Capcom Cup 2016? You can catch up on the results and footage at the official website for the Capcom Pro Tour!

If you happen to be a Street Fighter fanatic, this is an event you simply must attend! The game’s second season is dramatically different from its previous incarnation, so we recommend grinding it out to get yourselves ready! We’ll be watching like hawks.

Looking to make plans to attend all Capcom Pro Tour 2017 events? The people at Capcom Fighters are willing to assist you! See the Twitter posts below and remember to follow their account!