Final Entrant Counts for @EVO 2017

Registration for Evolution 2017 finally came to a close last night. Shortly thereafter, the big man himself, Joey “Mr Wizard” Cuellar, took to Twitter to disclose the final numbers for each of the games in this year’s lineup. See below!

What’s interesting to note is that the numbers for Street Fighter V have dropped by half their original amount from last year. In its first year at EVO, the game had broken a milestone with over five-thousand entrants. This year, however, we’ll be seeing 2,622 players competing in Capcom’s flagship title, although that’s still an insanely large number to manage for one tournament.

Around a week ago, an update on the numbers for EVO revealed that Smash 4 and Melee had tied for the second-highest count of players. It turns out Smash 4 has broken the stalemate as it has actually amassed 1,515 competitors, which is eighty players more than Melee.

Finally, Tekken 7 rounds out the “1,000-man club” at 1,278 entrants. This marks its best status in EVO history as these numbers are the highest they’ve ever been for a Tekken game, as confirmed in this article.

Altogether, the registration numbers outlined in the Twitter post above add up to 10,082 entrants. Although we recognize that a fraction of these players have entered more than one game, this is still a roughly accurate estimate. Mandalay Bay is going to be PACKED in two weeks.

Although it is no longer possible to enter any of the tournament games at EVO, Mr Wizard has assured us that spectators can still purchase a pass at the door to engage in sideline activities including casuals, visit panels, etc.

Oh, but it gets better from here! A series of mind-blowing announcements dropped from the EVO Twitter last night, revealing that pre-release builds for a series of games would be playable at the event whether you’re a competitor or a spectator! You’ll be familiar with half this lineup if you followed last month’s E3 convention, but the selection is still bound to amaze you. See below for a series of tweets that disclose this lineup.

So much to do at EVO yet so little time to enjoy all of it! Do not miss out on this opportunity to get your first taste of these four games before they are officially released!

As for when the tournament brackets will be live for viewing?

If you’ve signed up to compete, keep an eye on as that’s where the brackets will be viewed once they are available.

EVO 2017 will take place on the weekend of July 14-16, 2017 at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada. Finals for a fraction of the lineup will unfold on Saturday evening with the remainder following this Sunday. Anybody wishing to view the Sunday finals will be required to purchase a separate ticket for access to the arena (your EVO registration does not cover your Sunday ticket). Visit this page from the AXS website to purchase your ticket!

Keep an eye out for a StreamMe banner at EVO, because we will be in attendance to host our PopUp Tour, which features side tournaments where players can have a second chance at glory! See this page from Gauntlet.GG for more details.

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