Fighting game players, share your gameplay tutorial videos with StreamMe!

Hello, readers! JagoBlake here with an update that I’m sure you’ll enjoy if you specialize in sharing your knowledge about fighting games.

We’ve recently been digging deep into the fighting game genre, as I’m certain the readers are aware. We’ve partnered with multiple communities to host online leagues like the Kombat Cup and KrossUp. We’ve contributed prize pools. We’ve even run leagues where the winner would be flown out to EVO this year, like Mono PR for the Savage Series, which was run by ourselves and LevelUpLive.

Another of our objectives is to raise awareness of the fighting game community, hence the articles we contribute to our blog. Thus far, we’ve brought upcoming events to your attention, shared results for our online leagues, and so on. Tonight, we’d like to take another step towards improving upon everybody’s knowledge of fighting games.

But for this particular phase of the plan, we will need your help.

With how much technology has advanced, we’ve long since gone past the point of learning fighting games on the fly like in the classic eras. Players nowadays take to YouTube to learn more about the fighting games they play, whether it involves character demonstrations, combos (a sequence of attacks that can be chained together for more damage), set-ups, high-level play, and so on. With the addition of forums which the entire globe has access to, the Internet has undoubtedly become our best source of knowledge to draw upon.

As Stream.Me’s community expands, we’ll eventually come across new players who want to get started on a serious streak with fighting games but have no idea where to start. Fortunately, if you happen to have experience with skills such as video editing and you’ve got the knowledge for the games you support, you can help us welcome these newcomers to our family!

How, you ask? The process is painfully simple. Whenever you release a clip about a tutorial for your character (doesn’t matter how long or short it is), make sure to share it via your Twitter account while tagging us in the post! Depending on the feedback, you could be featured on the blog’s front page where you will be thanked for your contribution!

Here’s an example of one such clip that fits this criteria, taken from my own YouTube channel (which I encourage you to subscribe to, by the way!). It covers an analysis regarding the balance changes for Ninjutsu Scorpion in MKXL, introduced on October 4, 2016.

Additionally, all such clips promoted in this fashion can be easily accessed at the blog’s Videos tab. Simply go to and click Videos. Observe the image below.

To tag us in your post on Twitter, type “@” followed by StreamMe. We’ll instantly notice your effort in spreading knowledge and acknowledge it with a retweet and sometimes a promotion via our blog! Like with every scene, we want to welcome more fighting game fanatics to the fold, and what better way to do that than to arm them with the knowledge they’ll need to get competitive?!

Alternatively, you can tag me on Twitter if you’d prefer. My username there is “xJagoBlake.” Again, type “@” followed by the username.

The Playstation 4 and Xbox One consoles come with basic editing software that allows you to adjust the length of your clips and sometimes apply special effects. But if you want to take your editing a step further, you can upload the clip to your YouTube page and download it from there! After you do so, you can use the editing software on your PC to expand upon your content. Such programs generally offer more options than today’s consoles so we recommend taking this route whenever possible. Of course, you can also consider investing in a capture device such as an Elgato. We’ve given away a lot of those to our viewers while running the Kombat Cup!

Should you choose to undertake this effort, then not only will you be assisting us in increasing an audience for Stream.Me, you could also be expanding upon your own audience for your own content! It’s one of the best approaches to building a brand for yourself, if that is indeed your goal.

For those wondering, we’ll be willing to support content for any fighting game that is played today. Yes, that includes the Smash Bros. franchise despite the popular debate about whether it’s a party game or a fighting game.

If you want to contribute a tutorial video but you aren’t sure if it meets our standards, feel welcome to DM me on Twitter and I will give it a thorough review.

We thank you in advance for joining us on our journey to educating players about today’s fighting games! The more knowledge, the better!