Fight Night at @EsportsArena and Overdrive Series Finals every Tuesday

If you happen to live near the Esports Arena in Santa Ana, you’re in luck! Every Tuesday, you can pay a visit to the arena to enjoy a casual fight night with your fellow gamers…all while watching the finals of the Overdrive Series, which is brought to you by Level-Up Productions and StreamMe!

Facebook users can confirm their attendance via this page.

The Overdrive Series will occur throughout the month of June with the goal of determining the player who will be sent out to CEOtaku this year. What is CEOtaku, you ask? It’s Florida’s first event where the anime side of the fighting game genre is celebrated, as well as one of the biggest. It is also regarded as the end point of the Burst League, a competitive circuit for the anime FGC.

Hey…if you’re competing in the Burst League, you may want to stick around after CEOtaku for news on a post-season championship event.

Anyway, back to the fight night. Players will be required to pay a $10 venue fee every Tuesday to enjoy the casuals, but spectators can enjoy the Esports Arena for free while observing the finals for the Overdrive Series. If you’d like to compete in the series yourself, you must have a sufficient Internet connection and be able to play on your PC. Details can be found here at their SmashGG page.

Missed out on yesterday’s Week 1 preliminaries? See the images below to learn who will be competing in tonight’s finals!

The finals will be broadcast at at 7 P.M. EST. Make sure you tune in!

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