FGC Events to Check Out for May 26-28, 2017!

The fighting game community is about to enter what will perhaps be its busiest weekend yet. Although it’s not unusual for the Capcom Pro Tour to have multiple tournaments occurring in its name every weekend (see this article as an example), Street Fighter V will not be the only game getting that spotlight for the final week of May.

There are five momentous events – yes, five – going on throughout the weekend, starting tomorrow. SFV will be the main attraction for four of these events whereas the fifth will revolve entirely around Tekken 7, which is slated to arrive on consoles on June 2nd, 2017. Read on for a brief summary of each event and tune in to them when they happen!

  • Tekken 7 UK Championship

The Tekken 7 UK Championship kicked off last month with the goal of seeking out the best sixteen players to be invited to the finale at London’s Comic Con on May 26th. Thus far, fifteen of these players have earned their spots in the championship. They are:

  • RTFM Asim
  • ED K_Justice
  • RTFM KaneAndTrench
  • The Truth
  • W3D DJay_Voo
  • MBA EX-Soldier
  • Dinosaur
  • CKT Fergus
  • CKT SpaghettiRip
  • CKT NeedsMoarCoffee
  • RTFM Roo Kang
  • CKT ElementalDeity
  • District G – The Phantom
  • Bonusjin
  • amouageking

So who will be the sixteenth player? Apparently he’s a “wild card” that has yet to be revealed. We suspect one of two outcomes will occur: either Namco will pull a surprise package for us or the Comic Con will feature a final bracket to decide on the player that will complete the bracket.

Either way, if you’re fans of the Tekken franchise, you’re sure to be entertained! Please keep a close watch on the Tekken Facebook and Twitter accounts for more information on when and how to tune in.

UPDATE: A detailed post discussing the schedule for the Tekken 7 UK Championship has just been released. See below and make sure to tune in!

  • Red Bull Kumite

Similar to the Tekken UK Championship, Red Bull Kumite invites sixteen of the world’s best Street Fighter players to participate at the Salle Wagram in Paris, where they will compete against one another for bragging rights and perhaps cash prizes (though those have yet to be announced). However, unlike with the Tekken Championship, the Red Bull team decides on fourteen of the players they’ll invite to the invitational, whereas the last two spots must be earned by two players who successfully make it past a 256-man bracket the day before finals.

The finals will be broadcast in multiple languages across various platforms. Finals will occur this Sunday while the Open Qualifier takes place on Saturday. If you’ll be in Paris with intentions of attending, register for Red Bull Kumite at their website!

As for the fourteen players Red Bull has invited? Full list is below:

  • Echo Fox Tokido
  • Xiao Hai
  • PR Balrog
  • RB
  • Alienware Nemo
  • Rize Infexious
  • Meltdown Mister Crimson
  • Red Bull Bonchan
  • BX3 Phenom
  • Xyzzy
  • Red Bull Luffy
  • Daigo Umehara
  • Infiltration
  • Gachikun

You may have already seen a fraction of these players at the ELEAGUE invitational, which is aired on the TBS network every Friday evening. If so, you’ll already be aware of the chaos to come. To the two players who qualify from an open bracket into the Red Bull Kumite finals, we wish you the best of luck!

Be advised that since the event takes place in Paris, time zones will factor into the schedule you’ll have to follow if you wish to catch the action while it’s live on stream. For full details, follow RedBullEsports on Twitter.

  • ELEAGUE SFV Finals

Did we not just mention ELEAGUE a bit ago? Well, we assure you…it’s for a good reason!

For the past two months, thirty-two top players from the Street Fighter V scene were invited to the ELEAGUE G-Fuel Arena in Atlanta to compete in a series of brackets that would ultimately determine which eight players would qualify for the finals. These will take place tomorrow evening with the whole world watching from various platforms, such as YouTube Gaming and the TBS network!

It’s been a long but crazy road for these players to walk. So which of these eight warriors made it to the final bout of the much-loved invitational hosted by ELEAGUE?! See the bracket below for your answer.

Wow…look at those match-ups!

One thing to note is that before we got to this final stage, players had already called for fan favorites such as Liquid Nuckledu and Xian to qualify from their group’s playoffs, but instead we were greeted with one surprise outcome after another! With no sign of the Capcom Cup 2016 champion in this bracket, we’re on the verge of crowning a player worthy of being considered his equal, maybe even surpass him!

You can get your tickets for the playoffs to get a front-row seat at the ELEAGUE Arena, the best possible location to be when wanting to catch the conclusion to an extraordinary league. If you cannot be at the arena to watch, the finals will be broadcast to the TBS network and to YouTube for your convenience!

Didn’t get to catch any of the previous rounds? No worries, just head over to their YouTube to watch the playoffs for Groups A, B, C and D!

Make sure to keep a close eye on the ELEAGUE Twitter and website for updates on the playoffs.

  • Momocon 2017

Starting today, the Georgia World Congress Center will serve as the venue for this year’s Momocon convention! Every year, fans of loved animes and games converge in Atlanta to celebrate their passions, whether it be for cosplaying, gaming, and so on!

Players will be able to meet with celebrity figures involved in the creation of their favorite franchises, such as game designers, actors/actresses, etc. Additionally, guests will be able to participate in a series of fighting game tournaments to which pot bonuses have been contributed by various companies. You can register for any of these events by going to Momocon’s Smash.GG page.

Tournaments will follow a 70/20/10 split in prizes for the top three of each event, unless numbers are large enough to warrant an expansion.

Planning to be in Atlanta for the ELEAGUE this weekend? Then you’ll get to kill two birds with one stone because according to a post from ELEAGUE’s Twitter, they’ll be sponsoring quite a number of these tournaments at Momocon! We’re quite certain that Street Fighter V will receive the greatest emphasis in this instance.

For more information, follow Momocon’s Twitter and official website. We’re fairly certain Momocon will be streamed, but details as to where and how have not been disclosed at this time.

  • Combo Breaker 2017

Rounding off this weekend’s events will be one of the FGC’s most cherished majors in Illinois, and also among the first to kick off the summer season – Combo Breaker 2017! It will take place at the Mega Center, which will be open for all hours of the weekend. No need to worry about getting kicked out before the venue closes down – go crazy for as long as you please!

Side-note: if you go to Combo Breaker and decide you need a break from grinding your favorite games, the Mega Center will feature a viewing center where you can enjoy ELEAGUE and Red Bull Kumite! Quite convenient!

Online registration closed last week and when the final numbers were released, they absolutely stunned us. Over three-thousand players had signed up to participate in various fighting games including beloved classics and the modern generation. Of all the games, Street Fighter V received the greatest amount of participants at 645 players, with Injustice 2 trailing at 363. See this article for a more descriptive preview of what’s to come!

Combo Breaker will serve as a qualifier for numerous leagues, including the Capcom Pro Tour, Injustice 2 Pro Series, Burst League and more! A handful of competitors will take the next step in realizing their dreams by earning a spot in the championship event for their favorite fighting game!

The event will be broadcast across various streams, so make sure to visit Combo Breaker’s website for a breakdown of their schedule and streamers so that you won’t risk missing out!

Oh…and if you happen to be entering Combo Breaker, keep an eye out for a banner sporting StreamMe’s icon. We’ll be hosting side tournaments as part of our newly-announced PopUp Tour, which is free for all players to enter! Review our page at GauntletGG to learn about how you can join in on the fun! If we are able to broadcast the action, it will all be on www.stream.me/popuptour – but be advised that quality may vary depending on available Internet.

That’s all the events we’ve got for you this weekend! Make some time in your schedule to enjoy a collection of high-quality events celebrating the passion shared by the fighting game community!

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