FGC Commentator “@UltraDavid” to attend the KI World Cup!

Following Rob Paul’s addition to the guest list for the Killer Instinct World Cup, we are pleased to report that UltraDavid, a seasoned commentate from the overall FGC, will be in attendance to cast the event!

Regardless of whatever major event you attend, you could almost always expect a sighting of UltraDavid nearby the commentators’ stations, usually during the finals but also for a good portion of the preliminaries. Events for the Killer Instinct community certainly aren’t the exception to the rule, as he was last seen in the 2016 World Cup as well as a handful of KI majors throughout the year. We’re excited to see him return to witness the finale to the KI Ultra Tour’s 2016-2017 season!

We expect to hear the names of additional commentators as we count down towards the World Cup, which takes place on the weekend of March 10-12. Final Round will also be taking place on that weekend, but in respect to the World Cup, they will not be hosting Killer Instinct so as to avoid diverting the players’ attention.

The other guests confirmed for the World Cup include:

Make sure to get your tickets for the World Cup here! It takes place at the Tobin Center in San Antonio, Texas.

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