FC Schalke 04’s SELFIE Looking for New Team

Marcin “SELFIE” Wolski, mid laner for EU CS team FC Schalke 04, is considering new teams for the Summer Split.

Like his teammates, SELFIE has seen his fair share of competitive play in both the EU CS and LCS. He first joined MeetYourMakers as a substitute in 2014, when he still used the name Kori, and later moved on to play on the starting lineup for SUPA HOT CREW, Szef+6, H2k, Misfits, and MYM between time spent as a substitute for Echo Fox and Vortex.

FC Schalke 04 formed a new League of Legends team with SELFIE in mid-January after their first lineup fell apart towards October of last year. They made an impressive run as they went undefeated throughout the regular season of the EU CS Spring Split but, in a sick twist of fate for SELFIE, they lost to Misfits Academy 1-3 in the playoffs and were unable to make their way to the promotion match to qualify for the next season of the EU LCS.

During his time on FC Schalke 04, he managed a KDA of 8.19, CSPM of 9, GPM of 461, and KPAR of 61%, using primarily Taliyah and Kassadin.

While he is still under contract with FC Schalke 04 until April 30th, the organization allegedly gave SELFIE permission to accept offers from other teams who may be interested in adding him to their lineups, allowing organizations to pursue him freely without the threat of poaching accusations.

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