Fall Season Finals for RBPG Season 2 comes to Chicago this October!

Are you a fighting game enthusiast that wants to experience the finals of the Red Bull Proving Grounds up-close and personal, but haven’t had the opportunity to do so? Well, if you live in or near Chicago, or if you have plans to travel there this October, your luck is about to improve dramatically!

On October 21st, join the Street Fighter community at Joe’s Live, a musical venue in Rosemont, Illinois, for the Fall Season Finals of Red Bull Proving Grounds Season 2! If you aren’t featured among the players in their finals bracket, don’t worry – there is¬†no charge¬†for anybody wishing to spectate!

Of course, you’ll likely prefer to be featured in the finals as a player instead of a bystander. If so, we suggest you start looking into qualifying events to participate in. See the following links for qualifiers that correspond to your location.

Red Bull Proving Grounds 2017 Fall Season Qualifiers
Red Bull Proving Grounds Online 2017 – September Qualifier
Red Bull Proving Grounds Online 2017 – October Qualifier

If you compete, be advised that the Playstation 4 is the primary tournament platform for all brackets. However, for the online qualifiers, players may participate from either the PS4 or PC platforms due to cross-play. While the local brackets will charge you for entry fees, online brackets are completely free to enter.

Red Bull Proving Grounds pits twelve regions against one another in a grueling competition based on Capcom’s successful esports title, Street Fighter V. Players in each region will compete for league points to climb the leaderboards. At the end of the season, the top three players from each region will band together to compete in the RBPG Fall Season Finals for the chance to be crowned the champions!

Prizes for winning the finals include not only $2,000 for each player in the winning team, but also a free trip to the Capcom Cup North American Finals at RBPG.

Stay tuned to our blog and the pages below for updates on Red Bull Proving Grounds.

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