EVO Update: UMvC3 Platform & Pokken Rewarded

This week, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 emerged victorious from the EVO 2017 donation drive. Out of the nine games up for grabs, it raised the highest total value at $71,690 to fill the final slot of the EVO 2017 lineup, thus earning itself a $10k pot bonus from the EVO team. It will also be the game to start off the Sunday finals at Mandalay Bay.

Marvel’s inclusion at EVO has sparked a question: which console would it be featured on? For those unfamiliar with UMvC3’s tournament history, all events, including previous iterations of EVO, used the Xbox 360 to host the game. However, Marvel 3 has been re-released for the Playstation 4 not long ago, so in the interests of providing setups that use the current generation of consoles, the EVO team has¬†opted to change platforms. This decision was confirmed two days ago via a Twitter post seen below.

Another reason to switch over to the current console generation – if you haven’t already – may have been added to your list.

For the past two weeks, players have raised over $150,000 in total for all donations made to the Player’s Choice. These funds would be forwarded to the Make-a-Wish International foundation to assist in their efforts of supporting children who suffer from terrible diseases. Such an outcome demonstrates that even a scene as competitively driven as the FGC is capable of making a difference for the entire world. ūüôā

Marvel’s donations make up the majority of funds, but it is not the only candidate to raise a large amount of money. By the time the drive reached its end, Pokken Tournament was trailing Marvel by around $5k, for a total of $66,906! As¬†a reward for their efforts, EVO has promised to contribute another $10k to Pokken events throughout the year, although they have¬†yet to¬†announce which ones they will support.

Respects all around to the Marvel and Pokken players for standing behind their scenes with remarkable commitment. While only one game could join the lineup, the victory is shared by all donors, not just those who supported Marvel.

For a review of the final results for the EVO 2017 donation drive, you can check out this post. Also, follow these Twitter accounts below to stay updated.

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