Evo Japan Confirmed for January 2018, Preliminary Event Slated for May 2017

Hold on to your diapees, babies. The biggest fighting game event in the world is finally coming to Japan.

Evo Japan was first announced in 2010, with plans to commence in May of 2011, but the Tohoku earthquake in March put a halt to those plans as the country struggled to recover from the disaster. For years it felt as if the event would never kick off, as coordinators went all but radio silent about it, but, at the end of Evo 2016, fans were promised that Evo Japan was still very much going to be a thing. No details were provided at the time, but it was enough to rebuild the hype.

Now, with Evo 2017 looming over the horizon, we finally have concrete dates: Evolution Japan will kick off on January 26th and will run until the 28th at Akihabara UDX in Tokyo.

“But that’s way too long to wait!” I hear you crying from behind your monitor, “We’ve been waiting for so long!”

Yeah, you definitely have. That’s why there is going to be a sort of preliminary, or preview, event called “Sai” that will be held this coming May. From May 20th to the 21st, in Akihabara UDX, tournament organizers will be collaborating with GODSGARDEN and TOPANGA to bring fans a miniature version of the event that will feature open tournaments for Tekken 7, Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2, and a third unnamed title. The format used for Sai will be double-elimination with no seeding based on skill level, and will require no entry fee.

There will be no prizes awarded to winners, and it will be significantly smaller than Evo Japan, but it’s meant to give fans a taste of what they have to look forward to.

“Although it is known that Evo is the world’s biggest open gaming tournament, it’s more than just that. In my experience, Evo is also the best event for the separate fighting game communities,” wrote Evo Japan Chairman, Noriyuki Kaneko, in a translated statement, “Evo Japan will work to unite these many communities and fighting gamers from all over the world as well. We welcome everyone that has their own specific goals, ideas and purposes and hope to enjoy fighting games together.

We look forward to seeing you at Evo Japan 2018, let’s have a great time together!”

More information will be released as both events draw closer.

Source: Offical Evo Japan Website
Original Image Source: Gaijin Camera

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