EVO 2017 Roster Revealed! PLAYER’S CHOICE RETURNS.

The game line-up for this year’s Evolution tournament has been finalized and announced to the world by Mr. Wizard! Read on to learn which titles will bask in the glory of the World Stage at the Mandalay Bay!

Game 1: Street Fighter V

The first game to be revealed on the roster is Street Fighter V! This comes as no surprise, though, considering that the game boasted a colossal count of over five-thousand players for its debut at EVO last year. Not only that, but it was SFV’s Top 8 finals that received the honor of being broadcast via ESPN2, as well as EVO’s Twitch channel. Said finals were a glory for the whole Earth to witness, and with a new season on our hands, we can’t wait to see the community work its magic all over again!

Game 2: Guilty Gear XRD

Guilty Gear XRD returns to the EVO line-up! It is said that the majority of foreigners flocked to this game last year, and with good reason. Featuring an approximate one-thousand players, the anime community enjoyed many triumphs and failures for players they’d never expected to see shine. The air-based fighter features an array of mechanics that do their job in evening out the playing field, for the aggressors and defenders! We’re looking forward to seeing a great display from the Guilty Gear fanatics in July!

Game 3: Super Smash Bros. Wii-U

The fourth installation in the Super Smash Bros. series, and by far the most expansive due to DLC support, is making yet another appearance at Vegas! It is certainly a worthy selection, as we recall how over 2,500 players flocked to the Las Vegas Convention Center last year to battle without restraint, for until the last Smasher standing would be crowned king. Characters such as Ryu and Mega Man made an appearance in Smash Wii-U’s Top 8, much to the delight of its community. With the game’s tier lists continuing to shift and Top 8s becoming even more diverse, it’s only fitting that it shine atop the World Stage.

Game 4: Super Smash Bros. Melee

Smash Melee may be pushing the age of sixteen, but the beloved Gamecube classic has a long life ahead of it, as does its community…because it’s coming back to EVO alongside its more modern sibling. It was the title that preceded the Street Fighter V finals at the Mandalay Bay last year, with a player count of around 2,200! We will never forget that emotional moment when HungryBox shot up from his chair after landing the final blow to cement his legacy as the best Jigglypuff player AND the EVO 2016 Melee champion. Will history repeat itself in six months from now, or will a new star shine?!

Game 5: Injustice 2

Netherrealm Studios’s new baby, Injustice 2, will be joining the EVO roster as a debut title! Its previous incarnation was featured at 2013 and 2014, with KDZ becoming the 2013 champion while SonicFox would shine in 2014. Afterwards, NRS leaned back towards their trademark franchise to deliver on yet another amazing product that would enjoy two trips to the World Stage: Mortal Kombat X. In 2017, we leap to the other end of the pendulum to watch our favorite DC superheroes and villains clash to determine who will reign supreme!

Game 6: Blazblue: Central Fiction

Emotions are known to rise at EVO, but last year…WOW. Tears were shed, old storylines concluded and were replaced by new beginnings, and matches ended with a bang for Blazblue! This year, EVO welcomes Blazblue: Central Fiction to its roster! This addition means that the anime community has two games where they can prosper, exactly like with the Smash players. The EVO 2014 Grand Finals between Garireo and Dogura have remained at the front of many players’ minds whether they were Blazblue supporters or not. Will that storyline be revived, or will a new duo take their place in the final battle of 2017?!

Game 7: Tekken 7

You can thank Marksman for making sure that Mr. Wizard never forgets his favorite game every year. 😉 Tekken 7 was featured last year at EVO due to arcade cabinets, but now that the title is coming to consoles this June, EVO will naturally make the transition. The question now becomes, WHICH console will become the official platform for Tekken 7 at tournaments? We will update you when we learn more.

Initially, it was believed that only seven games would complete the roster this year…but Mr. Wizard has other plans!

Game 8: King of Fighters 14

King of Fighters 14 joins the roster with an expanding player base that covers all known regions in the FGC, and WHAT an impact it is leaving on the FGC. Featuring familiar mechanics blended in with new ones, as well as a tutorial that caters beautifully well to newcomers and veterans alike, KOF 14 promises to leave us wanting more of its magic at the Mandalay Bay!

This completes the Evolution 2017 roster…actually, no, it doesn’t. Read on.


That’s right, readers. Back in 2013, the EVO team conducted a donation drive to determine which game would ride the caboose in their roster, with all proceeds going towards a charity with the goal of battling cancer. This year, it is getting a runback, so YOU, the player, will have full control in deciding which game will complete the 2017 roster.

How, you ask? Go to www.generosity.com and submit a donation! Each game will receive its own drive, all of which you can find here. The winning title will:

  • be featured as the opening game for the Sunday finals!
  • guarantee spots for those who donated to the winning title!
  • contribute to a prize pool for the winning title, which will consist of $10,000 from the EVO team plus an amount that varies depending on the amount of voters!

There are nine candidates to vote for. These can be found in the image above, but will be relisted below:

  • Killer Instinct
  • Mortal Kombat XL
  • Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
  • Arms
  • Windjammers
  • Nidhogg
  • Pokken Tournament
  • Skullgirls
  • Super Street Fighter 2: Turbo

If your favorite game is among them, and you want to see it at EVO, vote NOW, because Player’s Choice will end in two weeks from tomorrow!

EVO 2017 will be held at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas on July 14-16, 2017! As declared on the broadcast, the team is following in the footsteps of the FGC by allying itself with Smash.GG, where players will register. It is recommended that you pre-register as soon as possible, because the brackets fill up FAST. Visit here to prepare for the hype!

Want to book your hotel room? EVO will be partnering with Mandalay Bay to assist you! Just visit here to make a reservation!

Finally, it’s important to note that your registration for EVO will NOT cover you for the Sunday finals. A separate ticket must be purchased to guarantee you a seat in the Mandalay Bay arena so that you can witness the finals beforehand. Simply visit this page to get your ticket, and make sure you get one as quickly as possible!

A sincere thank you to the EVO team for sharing their plans with us, as well as to RedBullEsports for providing us with an amazing broadcast!