The EVO 2017 Reveal Show is set for January 24, 2017!


As the title reflects, EVO’s head honcho, Mr Wizard, has dropped an announcement regarding the schedule for the unveiling of the World Championship’s 2017 line-up. It is set for January 24, 2017!

For the past two years, the EVO roster has featured up to nine games all at once, but according to the Twitter post above, it appears we’ll only be seeing seven titles this year, which is interesting. Reasons for the decrease in titles could include things like developer’s consent or perhaps the amount of space available at Las Vegas’s Mandalay Bay, which is where¬†the event will be held for all three days of the weekend.


Regardless, Mr Wizard would like to know what the FGC thinks the line-up should be! Should you wish to voice your opinion, take to Twitter and submit a list. Remember to include #Evo2017 as a hashtag, as well as to re-tweet the initial post!

No details regarding the channel where the reveal show will be broadcast, but once we learn more, we will update you!