Events Selected to Receive $10,000 Pokken Pot Bonus from EVO

Back in January, the EVO Player’s Choice donation drive ended with a victory for the Marvel community. However, in the final hours leading up to the deadline, Pokken had taken a lead over its biggest rival at one point. The Marvel community instantly responded with such force (through money, of course) that they regained the lead and kept it until they’d passed the finish line.

Although Marvel will ultimately be featured in the EVO 2017 lineup, the Pokken scene earned their respect for their unwavering conviction to their game. In fact, the Pokken players didn’t walk away from the contest empty-handed, as the EVO team announced that they would contribute a total of $10,000 to a selection of events where Pokken would be featured.

That list has just been announced tonight…well, most of it. See below.

For those who may be confused by the abbreviations, here is the full list of events:

  • NorCal Regionals
  • Summer Jam
  • The Fall Classic
  • Northeast Championships
  • Dreamhack Austin
  • Dreamhack Atlanta
  • Dreamhack Denver
  • Momocon 2017
  • Defend the North

These nine events have been selected to receive a portion of the $10K bonus, whereas the tenth will be decided by way of a poll for fans to participate in. The candidates have yet to be announced, but once they are, this post will be updated.

Pokken players, which event do you want to receive the final portion of the EVO bonus? And will you show up to these tournaments with the goal of earning that money? Let us know on Twitter!