EVB Gaming Ceases Operations

Just sixteen months after Yvette “Momma EVB” Crow and Noah “Bizzle” Carbone founded EVB Gaming, the team has announced that they will be shutting down due to an inability to supports their players.

The team explained through Twitter that they were unable to secure sponsors and other sources of outside funding that would allow them to pay their players and continue operations, which is forcing them to close their doors and release their players from the team.

A brand that specifically sponsored members of the fighting game community, EVB was likely best known for their presence in the underrepresented Mortal Kombat scene. They supported Bryant “KitanaPrime” Benzing, Ryan “Big D” DeDomenico and Ryan “Dragon” Walker, with Dragon and Big D representing the team at EVO 2016 when they placed fourth and seventh respectively.

EVB also supported Austin “Dath” Brown as he mained Robin in Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U, which he used to place twenty-fifth and third at EVO 2016 and Shine 2016.

Additionally, the announcement means that Chris Tatarian is now sponsorless. Tatarian, who most recently placed ninth at the SoCal Regionals in Los Angeles, CA, is ranked twenty-fifth on Shoryuken.com’s Street Fighter world rankings and is regarded as one of North America’s best Street Fighter V players, despite having been unable to qualify for the CPT.

“No matter what jersey our friends wear, we will always be their biggest fans.”

EVB says that, despite their inability to continue fielding players, they are excited to see the FGC grow as they hope that it may one day receive the recognition that they feel it deserves.

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