ESPN2 will broadcast the SFV Finals at @EVO 2017 this Sunday!

For the second year in a row, the Street Fighter V finals at EVO 2017 will be shared with the entire globe via the ESPN2 network!

After the previous year, during which a 5,000-player bracket culminated in an amazing finals seen on the ESPN network, players assumed that a broadcast for 2017 was imminent. With no announcement in the weeks leading up to the event, however, doubts began to enter everybody’s minds. This revelation repels those doubts, and for the better.

Those planning to watch the finals on streaming sites instead of their television should still be able to do so, just like in 2016. It should be noted, though, that if this is the case, commentators between the streams and the television network will differ. Last year, James Chen and Sajam oversaw commentary for the event on streaming websites, and Mike Ross and Seth Killian did likewise while bringing the event to television screens everywhere.

Details on the broadcast were shared here by ESPN. To borrow a quote from Mr Wizard in the shared article:

“Fighting games bring a tremendous level of hype and excitement, and Evo’s mission is to share that experience with fans worldwide. We’re pleased to team up with ESPN to bring this game to new audiences.”

EVO’s first broadcast on ESPN was regarded as a huge milestone in the growth of the FGC. We look forward to seeing our greatest passions shared with the world for a second time!

The SFV finals will close out the Sunday Finale at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. Competitors and spectators will be welcome to attend the finals for their enjoyment, provided they’ve purchased their tickets for a seat that day. Your EVO registration does not cover your attendance for Sunday – tickets must be purchased from the AXS website here.

Last year, over five-thousand players registered for Street Fighter V before its debut at EVO. For this year, that amount has fallen almost by half, to 2,622 players. Understandably this has raised eyebrows among the competitive community, but regardless, that’s still a staggering amount of players to watch out for. The SFV finals will follow at the tail end of the games to be showcased that day, specifically UMvC3, Smash Wii-U, Blazblue and Tekken 7.

As a side-note, a handful of games will reach their conclusion on Saturday of that weekend. Those games are Injustice 2, Smash Melee and Guilty Gear XRD. King of Fighters XIV, the game with the lowest turnout this year, will conclude with its finals on Friday, July 14th.

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