ESL King of the Hill Series will feature @InjusticeGame 2 on release day!

With the release date of Injustice 2 just two weeks away, ESL has announced a special event featuring four iconic players from the days of the prequel!

On May 16th, four players will be flown out to the ESL studio in Burbank, California to participate in a live King of the Hill session where Injustice 2 will be featured. These players have been confirmed to be Tom Brady, MF Slayer, KDZ and Pig of the Hut!

All four will play one another in lengthy first-to-ten exhibitions. Consider this the first official showcase of tournament-level play for Injustice 2!

For those unfamiliar with who these guys are, three of them have achievements from the EVO World Finals as part of their resume. KDZ became the 2013 Injustice champion by dominating the competition with Superman without descending into Loser’s Bracket once. Pig of the Hut came within an inch of becoming the 2014 champion, but was ultimately defeated by SonicFox in Grand Finals. Slayer also brought Superman to the big stage in 2013.

While Tom Brady is the only participant with no placings at EVO, his contributions to the Injustice scene remain noteworthy. He was initially one of few players who tested Injustice 1 before its release to the public. He would proceed to win the game’s first major at East Coast Throwdown using Aquaman, after which he would remain a consistent face on both commentary and in the upper stages of Injustice brackets.

For those who may be wondering, it has been confirmed by Mr. Joshua Gray himself that none of the invited players will have early access to the game. “This is show up and blow up time,” he says.

The above statement was made under his Clutch8 account at the TYM forums. Definitely going to be interesting seeing the pros going into this launch event cold turkey! For more details regarding this launch day exhibition, follow ESL’s Injustice Twitter page.

In the meantime, fans of Street Fighter V can enjoy the ESL King of the Hill series every Tuesday evening. For more details, visit ESL’s Street Fighter Twitter page!

As if you didn’t have enough reason to look forward to Injustice 2’s arrival as it is! The game arrives on May 16th for the Playstation 4, PC and Xbox One platforms. Visit this page from the Injustice website for details on how to pre-order the game.

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