ESL Dragonball Fighter Z Championship Rundown Has A Winner And Some Other News

Today (8/25) held the very first ESL competition for the new 2.5D anime fighter game, Dragonball FighterZ. The complete game doesn’t come out until February 2018 so the contestants only had a few hours to practice playing the limited game before being thrown into a 64 man tournament.

The final match held was best two out of three. Facing off together were Tbone and Mefistopheles. Both players started off with the same characters (their choice); Piccolo, SSJ Goku, and SSJ Vegeta.

Fight 1

Mefistopheles comes hard out of the gate, delivering a quick combo with Piccolo. While Tbone gets himself out of it, his attacks back have little effect as Mefisto blocks. After both players miss their first power move, we think that we may be here for a little while. The two grand champs go at it until Tbone changes to Vegeta and comes along with a strong 7 hit combo and a Big Bang Attack.

Mefisto tries a new strategy and brings in Vegeta. but gets easily caught up in Tbones determination. Pulls out the same combo and a Big Bang Attack that gained him the lead. However, Mefisto triggers a Gatling Gun and dodges a character combo Kamehameha. In a huge follow-up, Mefisto switches to Goku and triggers his own Super Kamehameha and character combos with Piccolo’s Screw Attack taking out a huge chunk of Tbone’s life bar and resolve. Mefisto’s Piccolo takes down Tbone’s Vegeta quickly enough with a few combos after that.

Tbone comes in strong with Goku hitting Mefisto with a 27 hit combo but doesn’t quite get to kill off his Piccolo. Mefisto brings in his Goku but immediately receives a 31 hit combo and then another equally devastating 26 hit combo before sending in his Piccolo again. Tbone goes SSJ3 and tries to land some moves on Mefisto but utterly fails as his Piccolo blocks and kicks the power-up right out of him after 3 seconds of play. Mefisto takes out Tbone’s Goku with only a few hit combos. Tbone is down to just his own Piccolo now but with a full bar of health.

Tbone comes in with a fury of kicks and small ki blasts to no avail. Mefisto is on a blocking spree until he finally gets himself free of the corner. While Tbone causes an open space in his attack, Mefisto pulls a short combo and calls in Goku. Mefisto goes full attack and hits Tbone with a Super Kamehameha, character combo’s Vegeta’s Big Bang Attack, and then does a third character combo with Piccolo’s Screw Attack which takes Tbone down to just an inch of life. Mefisto quickly ends the first match with no characters lost.

Fight 2

The players pick the same character set up as last time and start the match.

Mefisto comes out hard with Piccolo, first with a 7 combo and then quickly follows up with a 10 combo. Tbone comes right back with a 9 combo and a failed Kamehameha that Mefisto blocks. Mefisto switches to make a mirror Goku match but Tbone is on him giving him a 22 hit combo with a character combo ki blast attack. With the Life Bars about even, Mefisto scores a huge 26 hit combo ( also with a failed character combo), however before he can end it Tbones calls out Piccolo and Mefisto decides to bring out Vegeta.

After a small, rather boring, 30 seconds or so, with small power moves and combos (nothing exciting) Mefisto’s Vegeta pulls out a deadly air combo that keeps Tbone juggled for a bit and then Vegeta releases his Final Flash and nails Tbone’s Piccolo but once again Tbone escapes within an inch of his health bar and calls out Vegeta and Mefisto switches to Piccolo again.

Once again, Mefisto goes in for the kill, wanting to end it the match as fast as possible. He attacks to a few blocks but then, in a sweet opening, gets a 21 hit combo and Dragon Rushes for another few hits in the combo. Unfortunately, he misses the full combo and on the fall down gets a few more hits in before he calls in a character combo but Tbone, in an upset move, triggers Vegeta’s Z move and gets a huge Final Flash on Mefisto’s Piccolo and Vegeta because he was still exposed.

The two fight for a solid minute, switching characters on and off as they heal. Finally, after taking some heavy damage to his Piccolo, Tbone switches to Goku gets the upper hand with a great 21 combo. Unfortunately, that victory doesn’t last long as Mefisto brings out Vegeta and ends Goku with a 7 hit combo.

Mefisto makes short work of Tbone’s Vegeta with his own and crushes him with a 6 hit and a Final Flash (which made the combo a 36). Then a few hits and Tbone was down to just his Piccolo. Unfortunately, Piccolo has less than a quarter of his life bar left so it was easy for Mefisto to clean his clock with a few short combos making Mefistopheles the first ESL Dragonball FighterZ World Champion.

You can watch all the action down below. The time stamp begins at the above described so you can go back to any other fight with watch the 64 play against each other.

In Other News

After the very short trophy ceremony, the good people at ESL told the audience that there was a video that Bandai Namco wanted us all to see, confirming the two pre-order bonuses and a peek at the lovely new Collectors Edition. You can watch that video below.