ESL Brawlers airs on Disney XP tonight! ESL Speedrunners follows in August.

Note: Image is credited to ESL and Disney.

As the readers may recall, both ESPN2 and Disney XD aired the Street Fighter V World Finals last weekend at the Mandalay Bay to close out EVO this year. Tonight, Street Fighter returns to Disney in an all-new series presented by ESL (Electronic Sports Gaming)!

ESL is proud to introduce two new series coming to Disney XP, a network that revolves around the world of gaming. At 9 P.M. to 3 A.M., Disney XD treats the viewers to a glimpse at today’s generation of gaming. Check your local network for details on how and when to tune in!

First in line is ESL Brawlers, which is described as the new format to be followed by ESL’s King of the Hill series for the Street Fighter community. Every week, four SFV players will face off in an extensive exhibition to determine who will hold the position of king. The remaining two will then fight it out for the chance to be crowned the king.

The players to be featured in their first lineup for the series are PG Punk, RISE Smug, EG K-Brad and RISE Marn. The first episode of this series will air tonight. Additionally, a seventh episode presenting a special Vainglory competition will follow the SFV series.

The other series to be presented by ESL targets a different aspect of gaming. It’s been dubbed ESL Speedrunning. As the title suggests, competitors will be challenged to complete designated game titles as fast as possible. Speedrunners will converge from around the world to challenge one another in a race to the finish. The series comes to Disney XP in August.

We’re very excited to see the first episode tonight! For more information on Disney XP, keep an eye on their Twitter and Facebook. For updates on ESL, follow their Twitter and Facebook.