ESL and Cybersmile Partner To Combat Abuse

The Electronic Sports League, or ESL, has announced that they have teamed up with The Cybersmile Foundation to combat the abuse found in the esports community.

In a statement penned by ESL Senior Editor Philipp Saedler, it was explained that they plan to have a noticeable Cybersmile presence at future events so that more gamers are opened to Cybersmile and their mission.

“Everybody at ESL is delighted to start working with Cybersmile within this exciting new partnership,” said ESL America CEO Craig Levine, “Their mission to equip vulnerable gamers and support players needing help with the necessary tools and advice sits perfectly with ESL’s commitment to create a truly inclusive esports/gaming environment. Exciting times ahead!”

Established in 2010 by Scott Freeman and Daniel Raisbeck, The Cybersmile Foundation is a non-profit organization based in the UK that focuses on providing emotional support and advice to promote diversity and inclusion. The foundation works with individuals, corporations, educational institutes and even government facilities to work to put an end to cyberbullying, and have become the  leading anti-cyberbullying charity in the world.

cyberDan Raisbeck, Co-Founder of The Cybersmile Foundation, described their partnership as a, “Perfect fit,” and that it will have a significant impact on their mission to create, “Truly diverse and inclusive gaming and esports environments.”

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