Eredivisie Launches FIFA Esports League

The premier football league of the Netherlands, Eredivisie, has announced that it will be launching its very own eSports league, named E-Divisie, which will be focusing exclusively on FIFA 17.

“We see the E-Divisie as an extension to the existing range of football we offer, in which we can focus even more on young people,” wrote Alex Tielbeke, director of Eredivisie CV, in a statement. “For the clubs it is a fantastic platform for increasing the fans’ involvement and jointly generating new content. Moreover, in time the E-Divisie will create an even greater experience of Eredivisie football in a stadium.”

Slated to kick off on February 6th, E-Divisie will showcase players from all eighteen Eredivisie clubs as they compete in a seventeen-round competition that will decide the national champion. From there, the player who places first will be able to advance to the EA SPORTS FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Championship Series, which will allow the player to compete on a regional level as they represent E-Divisie. Should they win the European series, that player will be able to move on to the world championships.

While the tournament will not begin until the following Monday, E-Divisie will officially launch on February 1st. On launch day, the league will reveal the names of the players competing in the tournament, as well as the event schedule and broadcasting information.

This will be the second European national league to form their own FIFA league in recent months, with the Ligue de Football Professional, the French association that governs the top national soccer division, having announced e-Ligue 1 in October of last year.  The e-Ligue 1 would act similarly to E-Divisie, as their league would act as a national qualifier to represent France in the European and, possibly, global championships.


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