Emotes, emotes everywhere

So there you are, typing away in chat, throwing around those nifty , when all of a sudden BAM, someone comes in with an amazing ! Where’d they get that? How do I use it? What if I just type in the pattern PONY

Ok, ok, here’s how it works:

  • There are 6 different types of emotes. The one you as a chatter are most interested in is the user emote. You, and only you, can use this emote in any channel.
  • Go to your Chat Settings page, and under the User Emoticons section, type in an awesome name and pattern for your emote and then add it.
    • The pattern is what you’ll type in chat to make your emote appear. Each of your user emotes will need a unique pattern.
    • You can change both the name and the pattern later, at any time.
  • Next, upload your emote (max 5mb). emote_upload
  • You can crop / adjust your emote by clicking on the settings cog. emote_settings
  • When you’re done, click submit for review and then confirm. While you’re emote is awaiting review from a real human, you won’t be able to make any changes to the image.
  • Once your emote is rated, you’ll get a notification.
    • If it’s rated PG, you will be able to use your new emote within 5 minutes.
    • If it’s rated R, you will not be able to use your emote and you’ll have to use either unicorns or sparkles to unlock it and upload a new one. So, avoid uploading inappropriate images.

And then, to top it all off, you can get all your friends to vote for your emote to become the Emote of the Week! The winning emote will be added to the global emote tray for everyone to use in every channel for the entire week.

Want MORE emotes? Click on your unicorns and sparkles in the home page header and use either of those to get a new emoticon slot or reset an existing emoticon slot (i.e. unlock a used slot to upload a new image).