Ed joins the Street Fighter V roster!

We’ve been waiting for this reveal and it has finally come to pass. Earlier this morning, Capcom dropped the reveal trailer for the next character joining their SFV roster in Season 2 – Ed!

Ed brings to the table an archetype that seems to combine the capabilities of Balrog and M. Bison all in one character. As a child, he was abducted by the forces of Shadaloo to undergo experiments at an S.I.N. laboratory that would have him serve as a replacement vessel for M. Bison. However, he was able to escape his prison with the help of an unlikely savior…Balrog.

One of the side-effects of Shadaloo’s experiments is that his body ages faster than normal, until it is suited for battle. As a result, his childhood was short-lived. He now joins the roadside brawl in Street Fighter V while struggling to repel Bison’s influence from his mind, due to the dictator’s genes rushing through his bloodstream.

As you’ll recall from this article, Capcom plans to launch a second beta test for their new Capcom Fighter’s Network, this time for both the PS4 and PC platforms. The test begins this Thursday and will last until the 14th of May. It will be freely accessible to all players, even those who don’t currently own SFV. It is during this beta phase that you’ll get to play as Ed for the first time while providing your feedback on the character!

Thus far, the only details we know of Ed’s gameplay are his V-Skill, V-Reversal, V-Trigger and Critical Art. Check out this blog post for a complete breakdown of Ed.

Keep in mind that you can purchase the Season 2 Character Pass for $30 right now to have immediate access to all DLC fighters as they launch. Otherwise, each fighter costs $6 to purchase. Additionally, purchasing the pass grants you access to all extra costumes for the Season 2 cast.

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