Ed Boon Announces Release Date Changed For Injustice 2

The Creative Director of Nether Realms Studios, Ed Boon,  announced today that there was going to be a slight change in the release date on the much anticipated Injustice 2. The cryptic tweet merely stated, “FYI: Injustice 2 is not coming out March 28.” 

In the wake of mysterious tweet, fans have started to elude to different outcomes, either a push back, or a push forward of the game. Throwing out character names being added such as Calendar Man, Mr. Mxyzptlk, Spawn (who is in a totally different universe), Dr. Fate, Starfire, and Black Canary. Of course no tweet like this goes without a wild amount of gifs showing fan’s concern.

While there has been no recent update since that tweet only a few hours ago, Stream.Me, like most fans, are patiently awaiting the update of information. Make sure to keep it right here to insure you don’t miss any Injustice 2 news. Be sure to check out our Most Anticipated Games of 2017 while you wait. Just so you know, yes, Injustice 2 was on that list.


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