Ectopic ILLusion wins KrossUp Week 5!

Without a doubt, Week 5 has been the best week KrossUp has ever had! We’ve seen our share of unexpected plot twists, but the players in our latest Top 8 bracket would raise the bar on the hype that surrounds Killer Instinct!

Want to watch the archive before you resume reading? It’s available here.

UA Wheels would lead off the first quarterfinals match against Elevate Grief (Sadira), using not Tusk, but the character that had been his previous trademark: Orchid. Grief had previously appeared in the KrossUp league under a different tag. With Orchid’s insanely fast walk-speed, she can deal with cross-up attacks better than most of the cast, but Grief still manages to tag his opponent using the abnormal hitbox of his jumping heavy kick. It takes Wheels two games before he finally pins down his opponent long enough to seize his first win, but his reluctance to anti-air opens the door for Grief to continue his aerial offense. When the two pop their Instincts, Wheels tries to lock down Grief with his firecat pressure, but Grief’s previously placed web trap fends off the firecat allowing him to use a Shadow Counter to completely reverse the momentum. Wheels cannot recover afterward, and so Grief eliminates the two-time KrossUp champion 3-1!

For the fifth time, Raven is Raw (Spinal) re-enters the Top 8 with the goal of making it all the way to Grand Finals, but first he would have to put out EctopicILLusion’s Cinder. Raven is quick to gain the upper hand, but after absorbing so many bombs he throws out a teleport which sets off the Shadow Bomb that’d been attached to him. A failure to break the resulting juggle allows Ectopic to come out ahead. The second game ends in a similar fashion when Raven tries to break a juggle only for Ectopic to cancel his recapture with a Counter Breaker! Yet again Raven manages to take a lead, but his failure to anti-air allows Ectopic the chance to escape the corner with a clean jump-in. After he scores yet another explosive combo, Raven burns a resource on his teleport in order to initiate offense, but Ectopic reacts with a jab-confirm into the set-winning Ultra Combo.

STDx Rebelo (TJ Combo) also returns to Top 8 with a lust for vengeance. His obstacle? None other than Week 4’s second-place finisher, F3 Sleep, who leads an armada of characters with Maya at the front line. Sleep throws out attacks pre-emptively in an effort to punish Rebelo’s use of the Powerline, but this effort fails, leaving him open to Rebelo’s overwhelming counter-attack. In answer to his first loss, Sleep switches to Arbiter, which allows him access to his Overshield option. Rebelo’s offense slows down somewhat because of this reversal, but as an adjustment he concludes his combos with a flip-out and then immediately follows with an overhead. Sleep tries to anticipate a grab and tech it only to be opened up. With Rebelo taking a two-game lead, Sleep finally pulls out a character we had yet to see in the KrossUp series: ARIA, the boss-lady of UltraTech. Rebelo is completely unprepared for this counter-pick, a fact which heavily favors Sleep. Sleep turns Rebelo’s aggression against him by using his assists to create ambiguous set-ups as well as to guarantee his offense. Rebelo constantly inputs wake-up attacks in an effort to escape, but this desperation costs him one game after another, putting the players at a stalemate. Finally, Rebelo makes a correct read on a jump-back and tries to punish with a Shadow DP, but it whiffs, leaving him open to ARIA’s Ultra Combo which completes a reverse 3-0 sequence for Sleep!

The final quarterfinals match would at last see the debut of a player: Blue Hurricane’s Waterhorses (Glacius), who’d defeated the first seeded player at the 2016 World Cup after qualifying at the last minute. His opponent is Mike N Ike 25 (Thunder), who’d previously been defeated by Sickle’s Glacius, but this time he has no intention of being denied his gourmet. He throws non-stop DPs to deny Waterhorses any momentum for the first two games, but Waterhorses finally regulates him by reacting to his neutral jumps with his own DP, putting him full-screen. Control shifts between the two players until Mike is trapped in a hailstorm which leaves him vulnerable to a Shadow Shatter that clears away his last pixel. In the fourth game, Mike makes the huge mistake of not spending another bar for a Shadow Damage Ender that would have sealed the deal, and Waterhorses is given an opportunity to steal the game by planting a hail and then tricking his opponent with a fake cross-up. In desperation, Mike pops Instinct to perform one last DP, but Water evades it completely and punishes his opponent to tie up the set 2-2! Unfortunately, Water seems mentally exhausted from trying to pin down Mike, who manages to keep the confrontation up-close for the entirety of the final game, partly due to the absence of Water’s anti-airs. Eventually the ice alien goes down and Mike takes the set 3-2 to proceed to semifinals!

With only four killers remaining in the tournament, Grief debuts his pocket Sabrewulf in an effort to finish ILLusion off quickly. One of the many changes introduced in Season 3 is the addition of a “divekick” special for Wulf, and Grief abuses its lack of whiff recovery to slip through ILLusion’s defenses. When Grief parries ILLusion’s follow-up after a Shadow Fission, the Cinder specialist looks absolutely clueless. The swiftness of Grief’s offense carries him to a quick 2-0 lead, but Grief becomes reckless in Game 3 by disregarding Cinder’s Burnout enders, a factor which leaves his health bars highly vulnerable to a cash-out. ILLusion does not fall for Grief’s Shadow Counter a second time,  instead he opts for a low-hitting Inferno attack which overrides the parry and gives him his game-winning combo. Grief’s pocket Jago is also victimized by Cinder’s Burnout Enders making his health regeneration irrelevant. It quickly becomes apparent that Grief has lost control of the set, so he defaults to Sadira in an effort to regain it. Unfortunately for him, he cannot muster a defense against Ectopic’s heavy-hitting Trailblazers. In a fit of panic, Grief wakes up with Instinct and cancels a jab into a Shadow Blade Demon, but having planted a web too soon, he is left vulnerable to Ectopic’s Shadow Counter which serves as the killing blow.

At the other side of semifinals, F3 Sleep’s Kilgore comes gunning for Mike N Ike…quite literally. Sleep wakes up repeatedly with his unconventional teleport only to eat heavy punishes from Mike. The damage quickly adds up and the first game goes straight to the Thunder loyalist. But Mike suffers a rough start in Game 2 when he lands a Counter Breaker but drops the resulting combo, allowing Sleep the chance to respond with a Counter Breaker of his own. As well, instead of giving up on Kilgore’s teleport, he simply alters his timing with the move so that it completely ignores Thunder’s attacks, leaving Mike open to one punish after another. Mike continues to find success in baiting the reversal as well as overcoming the zoning game, only to be pushed back at the opposite side of the screen. With Mike flat on his back, Sleep summons homing missiles to trap him in a set-up. Mike tries to escape with a Shadow DP, but this decision costs him as Sleep punishes him with a DP of his own to win 3-1!

With Wheels eliminated from the bracket, F3 Sleep must now face EctopicILLusion in Grand Finals for the chance to seize the crown. The set opens with a Cinder vs Arbiter match-up. Sleep fails to land a Counter Breaker and Ectopic goes to punish, only for his grabs to snatch empty air. While Ectopic coordinates his offense and defense to account for the grenades, Sleep is able to toss him like a rag doll for free. In response, Ectopic abuses his FireFlash to keep Sleep on edge. When the set hits a 1-1 tie, Sleep re-summons his ARIA to enact an internal dispute between UltraTech’s agents. Whenever he goes to zone, Ectopic immediately responds with bombs to ensure his opponent keeps his feet planted to the ground, but he is eventually forced to take the initiative. It almost pays off until he bets it all on a Counter Breaker that fails, much to Sleep’s benefit!

The Cinder specialist is able to make a tremendous recovery in Game 4 by trapping Sleep in an offensive loop, which renders ARIA’s Instinct useless due to the loss of two of her bodies. As the players stand tied once again, Ectopic resumes his approach of zoning with bombs to keep Sleep on the move. In answer, Sleep switches his bodies around to dismantle the bombs without any damage to himself. The pressure finally gets to Sleep when he abandons his zoning in favor of rushdown, only for his attack to hit empty air leaving him open to a punish that destroys his first body. With the clock becoming a factor, Sleep quickly falls back to a zoning approach. Ectopic responds to his reckless dashing with a wake-up Shadow Trailblazer that takes out Sleep’s second body, and then he takes advantage of a Counter Hit confirm against Sleep’s wake-up jabs to deliver the final blow!

ARIA may be powerful, but she cannot stop the sun from rising! For the third time in a row, F3 Sleep falls short of the big win! Congratulations to Ectopic ILLusion for becoming our Week 5 champion!

Tournament Placings and Prizes

1st Place: EctopicILLusion
Winnings: $150 and 75 league points

2nd Place: F3 Sleep
Winnings: $100 and 50 league points

3rd/4th Place: Elevate Grief
Winnings: $50 and 25 league points

3rd/4th Place: Mike N Ike 25
Winnings: $50 and 25 league points

5th Place: STDx Rebelo
Winnings: 10 league points

5th Place: BH Waterhorses
Winnings: 10 league points

5th Place: Raven is Raw
Winnings: 10 league points

5th Place: UA Wheels
Winnings: 10 league points

Match Log


UA Wheels (Orchid): 1 vs. Elevate Grief (Sadira): 3

Raven is Raw (Spinal): 0 vs. EctopicILLusion (Cinder): 3

F3 Sleep (Maya, Arbiter and ARIA): 3 vs. STDx Rebelo (TJ Combo): 2

BH Waterhorses (Glacius): 2 vs. Mike N Ike 25 (Thunder): 3


Elevate Grief (Sabrewulf, Jago and Sadira): 2 vs. EctopicILLusion (Cinder): 3

F3 Sleep (Kilgore): 3 vs. Mike N Ike 25 (Thunder): 1

-Grand Finals-

EctopicILLusion (Cinder): 3 vs. F3 Sleep (Arbiter and ARIA): 2

This victory will skyrocket EctopicILLusions’s amount of points to 115, thereby pushing him up to third place on the KrossUp rankings! And although Sleep has fallen short once again, his second place finish means that he is now tied with UA Wheels for the lead, with both players sitting on 175 points! See the image below to know where the players stand!

Other than with Top 2, the points are evenly spread out across the competitors. There remains only three chances for you to improve your standings in the league, so we recommend you practice up for Week 6 this Saturday! To sign up, simply visit this page.

We’d like to remind you that KrossUp is only open to North American players. For any killers who live outside of the region, you can visit here to sign up for Week 1 of King of the Ring, hosted by The Dutch Brawlers!

Thanks go out to Mr Aquaman and JagoBlake for casting KrossUp! They will return this Saturday for the sixth week in a row, and we hope you will as well!

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