Echo Fox @tokidoki77 wins ESL Brooklyn Beatdown Round 2!

Last night, the second Brooklyn Beatdown, brought to you by ESL, came to a resounding close after a non-stop barrage of amazing matches.

Out of 143 entrants, the tournament came down to an explosive Grand Finals between Fuudo’s R. Mika and Echo Fox Tokido’s Akuma. The two previously met in Winner’s Semifinals where Tokido made a clean 3-0 sweep, but Fuudo would exact his revenge via a phenomenal adaptation during the course of their rematch. Suddenly, Tokido no longer had the advantage he’d previously held when the Grand Finals first began.

As if stirred by his descent into Loser’s Bracket, it was like the Satsui no Hado burned from Tokido’s very being. Gradually, he deviated from his cautious approach against R. Mika, instead opting for unpredictable offense. Fuudo could no longer contain the warrior long enough to loop him to death with command grabs. For three games straight, Tokido worked his magic to do staggering amounts of damage, melting away Fuudo’s life bars in the blink of an eye.

Before we knew it, Tokido stood at the top of the mountain at the Barclays Center in New York, wearing the crown of the ESL Brooklyn Beatdown Round 2 champion! This victory adds to his well-earned status as the Evolution 2017 champion and the best Akuma in the world!

See below for a look at the results from the Brooklyn Beatdown Top 8. To review all of the pools in their entirety, visit this link.

A pack of killers made up all of the Top 8. Daigo, MenaRD, Rise Smug, Momochi, Justin Wong and the ELEAGUE champion, PG Punk! Not a single match looked as if there was more to be desired once they reached their conclusion.

Of course, talking about it is one thing, but seeing it is another. Look up this clip to relive the Brooklyn Beatdown Grand Finals between Tokido and Fuudo!

We’re happy to thank ESL for bringing us another year of the Brooklyn Beatdown! Follow them at the accounts to stay updated on their plans to support competitive play for Street Fighter V.

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