Echo Fox @SonicFox5000 wins Kombat Cup S2 Week 6!

Week 6 of Kombat Cup Season 2 has come to a close! Read on for the results!

For the first match, Semiij takes on Noble iLuusions, a player against whom he’s had a very rough streak since Kombat Cup Season 1 and Kumite in Tennessee. As his answer to the Sorcerer Quan Chi match-up, Semiij debuts his Mystic Ermac for the first time since…ever. He plays by standing at the maximum range of his push attack to punish iLuusions whenever he whiffs an attack. With each push that connects, Semiij goes on the offense. This approach proves effective until iLuusions begins summoning his armor rune from full-screen so that his armor would negate the push. Semiij blocks a ground rune and jumps forward only to get air-to-aired for the kill, putting both players at a tie with one win apiece. Immediately Semiij swaps out Ermac for his Outlaw Erron Black whom he hadn’t used since Final Round 2016. After losing out on the zoning battle, Semiij runs in to apply pressure using his five-hit 21122 string and his EX Sand Grenade, along with a mid-hitting string. This strategy gives him a commanding lead in the third match, but Semiij becomes overzealous with his offense and ends up whiffing his string, leaving him vulnerable to a whiff punish from ILuusions’s backwards jump. Desperate, Semiij falls back to his trademark Mileena but quickly loses Round 1 to his opponent. As iLuusions’s confidence skyrockets, he starts summoning the armor rune from full-screen but Semiij scouts it and runs in for a punish. The seeds of a comeback are prepared to sprout, but Semiij’s disregard for the meter causes him to eat an EX Sky Drop on wake-up, which ultimately results in his elimination from the Kombat Cup. Noble iLuusions continues his streak against Semiij to win 3-1!

The next match takes it back to the ESL Season 2 finals, as Echo Fox Sonic Fox takes on his former teammate cR Biohazard. Primarily a Ferra/Torr specialist, Biohazard decides to try his luck with his Cybernetic Kano instead. He plays the first match flawlessly, anti-airing Sonic’s super jumps off the interactables and also baiting Cassie’s EX Nut Punch reversal. The game comes to a quick and decisive end in Bio’s favor. He takes another quick first round while taking only chip damage in return, but Sonic responds back with renewed ferocity, pushing Bio all the way across the level. As the match goes to a third round, Bio baits another reversal and continues to apply offense, but a blocked eye laser subjects him to a flipkick punish thereby granting all momentum to his offense. A decision to not break the corner combo leaves him vulnerable to guaranteed chip damage from Cassie’s EX Guns, and Sonic ties up the set 1-1. Once again, Sonic takes the upper hand in their ringside brawl by punishing a wake-up EX Upball from Bio. He tacks on an X-ray at the end of his combo to prevent Bio’s Breaker and seal the deal. With the pressure rising, Bio decides to switch to his Commando variation but quickly loses out on the first round in the process. However, Sonic’s decision to let go on block allows Bio to chuck the fox back into the corner, where Bio proceeds to abuse his foe with one command grab after another. The game becomes another three-round match, but with Bio’s defense not on point, the pendulum swings back towards Sonic’s side. With his life bar in the pits, Bio opts to retreat from his opponent but is clipped by a B1 into the Flipkick launcher. Sonic throws in some EX Gunshots for unbreakable damage, leaving Bio with only a pixel left. With nowhere to run, Sonic runs in and performs an EX Glowkick to finish off his opponent 3-1.

For the third match, Noble Dragon (Kitana) confronts newcomer xMEECHx2015. Dragon immediately establishes a spacing game with his fan lift to slow down Scorpion’s approach. However, Dragon is caught unawares by MEECH’s unpredictable use of the teleport in the first round. MEECH goes up a round, but Dragon quickly evens it out with a sequence of damaging corner combos. Because Dragon demonstrated his ability to punish even the fake teleports, MEECH utilizes his spear and hellfire to bait Dragon into taking a risk, but his prey does not bite. Dragon finally ensnares him in a blockstring that leads right to an overhead, which MEECH fails to block. As the second game starts, Dragon’s fan lift trades with MEECH’s Hellfire giving him an immediate advantage. MEECH tries to surprise him once again but Dragon baits him out with a stance switch to punish even the fake teleports. MEECH finally drags Dragon into his blender, but has only a brief opportunity to mix before Dragon escapes with a corner interactable. MEECH gives up the block button right as Dragon comes in with a launching string, the result of which gives him full meter for his X-ray. MEECH recognizes this and tries to escape only to get hit by the X-ray regardless. Completely disarrayed, MEECH opts to try his pocket Possessed Kenshi, a decision that does not get him any desirable results whatsoever. With a wake-up reverse throw, Dragon picks off his opponent 3-0 to return to a familiar territory in the Top 4.

But perhaps the most anticipated match of the night was the one between Noble Tweedy (Kenshi) and HARA Rewind (Raiden). Recently the two fell into a heated dispute over Twitter, so their beef would be settled in the Kombat Cup. Tweedy practically smothers Rewind with his B1 to take advantage of his opponent’s fear of Kenshi’s EX overhead attack. Rewind holds a similar advantage by using his EX Vicinity Blast to check Tweedy for trying to counter-poke, but it’s hardly enough to concern the Kenshi specialist. When Rewind finds successful anti-airs against his teleports in the neutral, Tweedy opts to cancel his blockstrings instead to mix up his opponent. Tweedy quickly goes up two games, but throughout the third match Rewind starts channeling the EX Teleport into his blockstrings to trap Tweedy while replenshing his sources and keeping the fight over at the corner. With Tweedy down to a pixel, Rewind senses his fear of the reversal and decides to surprise him with a wake-up throw to take the game. The fourth game plays at a somewhat even pace between the two, except Tweedy is the one reacting to Rewind’s teleports this time around. Kenshi’s B1 normal comes into play once again to control the neutral, and when Rewind tries to challenge Tweedy surprises him with his teleport’s own share of armor. Desperate, Rewind risks it all on a torpedo attack only to be eliminated from the Kombat Cup.

Right out of the gate for semifinals, we see a runback with Noble iLuusions and Echo Fox Sonic Fox. These two last squared off at Final Round XX over a week ago where Sonic came out on top 3-1, but iLuusions would strive for a different outcome. Sonic resurrects his Gunslinger Erron Black from the dead to take on Luu’s Nimble Reptile. Although Sonic is quick to take the lead, iLuusions lands his B2 overhead to not only launch Sonic but also to switch sides. The combo is dropped but another overhead makes up for the setback. The third round drags into a nail-biter for both players as Sonic sends his opponent full-screen with an enhanced command grab and tries to chip him out only for Luu to low-profile his projectiles with an EX Slide! With Luu up 1-0, Sonic battles his way through Reptile’s zoning to land one command grab after another, but a wake-up X-ray destroys his momentum again, as does Luu’s conversion off a d4 anti-air attack. Facing elimination from the Kombat Cup, Sonic pins his hopes onto his Sektor. Luu suddenly finds it difficult to activate the green screen without eating a punish from his foe. Their ringside brawl ends with Luu finding a knockdown only to get clipped by the wake-up EX Flamethrower. In response, Luu goes right back to his Sorcerer Quan Chi. Sonic instantly reverts his strategy to a rushdown style in order to limit Luu’s opportunities to set up his armor rune, as well as punishing Luu’s jumps with well-timed trip guards. A dropped hit-confirm from Luu enables Sonic to tie up the set 2-2. The pressure climbs as Luu mimics Sonic’s aggressive approach to the match-up in an effort to end this quickly, but a heart-breaking comeback from Sonic steals the first round right out of his grasp. Luu beats out Sonic’s anti-air attempt with a jumpkick into Sky Drop and tries to apply pressure, but Sonic fights his way out of the cage to land one final grab, which leads right into a Brutality finisher. With a 3-2 victory, Sonic makes his return to Grand Finals!

Noble Dragon vs Noble Tweedy has become one of the favorite match-ups to see in the Kombat Cupsince its inception. With the second spot in Grand Finals up for grabs, the two must strive to outdo each other once again. At first, Dragon opts for a mid-screen approach against Kenshi in the hopes of baiting teleports, but this results in him getting repeatedly clipped by the BF3 demon attacks. A failure to trade with his opponent while at slight advantage on block sets Dragon back by a match, at which point the young fan wielder realizes that he must alter his strategy. Contrary to the first game, Dragon steps around Tweedy’s B1 range to fish for whiff punishes. Whenever Dragon staggers a string, Tweedy tries to counter-poke only to be launched by the EX Rising Fans, off of which Dragon converts into combos at the cost of two bars. With both players tied at one win apiece, the third match takes place exclusively at the left-hand corner of the Kuatan Jungle stage, with Tweedy unable to escape that position until near the end of the third round. Tweedy tries to challenge Dragon’s advantageous blockstrings only to be opened up by Kitana’s B1 4, but the dropped conversion sends Dragon’s fans into a state of panic. But hardened by experience under pressure, Dragon calmly engages in a back-and-forth poking game until he fishes for a throw. Tweedy desperately wakes up with an EX BF3 which fails to hit his approaching adversary, allowing Dragon to clutch it out and take a 2-1 lead. Throughout the final game, Tweedy tries to time his jump-ins to avoid Dragon’s fans only to be caught and carried into the corner while suffering a ton of damage for his error in judgment. Dragon purposely eats an uppercut in Round 2 to escape the corner for an advantageous position switch. With no means of escape, Tweedy’s Week 6 run in the Kombat Cup meets a swift and decisive end as Dragon sharpens up his fans for the Assassin’s Rush Brutality.

This week’s Grand Finals sets the stage for a runback between SonicFox and Dragon. The first game is decorated by a beautiful display of neutral between Sonic’s Spec Ops Cassie Cage and Dragon’s Royal Storm Kitana. Dragon looks set to edge it out until Sonic sends him full-screen and calls in a missile. Dragon misjudges the distance covered by his wake-up and is therefore forced to spend the rest of his meter on a breaker to keep himself alive. While at full-screen, Sonic jumps…right onto a fan, possibly trying to use the air gunshots but forgetting that his variation does not have access to that tool. Still, Sonic proceeds to take the first match, prompting Dragon to switch to Bone Shaper Shinnok. Now the loser in the zoning war, Sonic seeks to force his aggression onto Dragon with his trusty B1 attack string, but is punished for his repeated misjudging of their spacing. Whenever Sonic whiffs an attack, he jumps back trying to bait a whiff only to be anti-aired for his troubles. Both players quickly enter a stalemate and Sonic decides that it is time for his Dragon Naginata Tanya to make a return. Dragon tries to challenge Tanya’s aerial offense with his uppercut, but it comes out in the wrong direction leaving him open to the killing combo. But Dragon has a resounding answer to this setback…a Flawless Victory earned with his strong Impostor Shinnok. With one game left in the Grand Finals, Sonic opts for yet another counter-pick: his Unstoppable Jason, who comes with a power-up that blasts his damage output into astronomical levels, as the unnerved Dragon discovers to his detriment. However, Dragon takes a page from Sonic’s book by copying his ability to apply armor to himself, but in doing so, he is forced to finish the round before Shinnok falls asleep as per the setback to Jason’s copied special. With not enough time left to do so, Dragon is left open to Sonic’s counter-attack.

With his victory, Echo Fox Sonic Fox claims his revenge for his loss to Dragon in Week 4! Congratulations to the fox for making a successful return to the Kombat Cup by becoming the Week 6 winner!

Final Results

1st – Echo Fox Sonic Fox
Prizes: $250 and 150 league points

2nd – Noble Dragon
Prizes: $100 and 125 league points

3rd/4th – Noble iLuusions
Prizes: $50 and 75 league points

3rd/4th – Noble Tweedy
Prizes: $50 and 75 league points

5th – HARA Rewind
Prizes: 50 league points

5th – cR Biohazard
Prizes: 50 league points

5th – xMEECHx2015
Prizes: 50 league points

5th – Semiij
Prizes: 50 league points

Match Log


Noble iLuusions (Quan Chi): 3 vs. Semiij (Ermac, Erron Black and Mileena): 1

Echo Fox Sonic Fox (Cassie Cage): 3 vs. cR Biohazard (Kano): 1

Noble Tweedy (Kenshi): 3 vs. HARA Rewind (Raiden): 1

Noble Dragon (Kitana): 3 vs. xMEECHx2015 (Scorpion and Kenshi): 0


Echo Fox Sonic Fox (Erron Black and Sektor): 3 vs. Noble iLuusions (Reptile and Quan Chi): 2

Noble Tweedy (Kenshi): 1 vs. Noble Dragon (Kitana): 3

Grand Finals

Echo Fox Sonic Fox (Cassie Cage, Tanya and Jason): 3 vs. Noble Dragon (Kitana and Shinnok): 2

With his Week 6 victory, Echo Fox Sonic Fox now has 425 league points in his name. This achievement raises him to second place in the Kombat Cup rankings while Semiij stays ahead of him at 565 points. Like with Season 1, these two are at the top of the leaderboards once again, although in this season, Semiij has more Kombat Cup wins than SonicFox. Will the Kombat King find his consistency once again?!

See below for the updated standings.

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Thanks go out to Mr Aquaman and VX Saga for casting the Top 8! We’ll see them back for today’s sixth Konquest bracket at 8 P.M. EST, and we hope you’ll participate as well!

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