Echo Fox Scar wins Kombat Cup Week 11!

With Echo Fox Sonic Fox absent to defend his championship this week, the burden falls onto his teammate Scar to carry on the streak for the sake of their crew. But with a stacked bracket ahead of him, it would be no easy feat. Featuring the return of JagoBlake and the long-awaited inclusion of Perfect Legend, Week 11’s finals would prove absolutely essential towards deciding upon our final eight challengers for the Season 1 finale of the Kombat Cup!

Before continuing, it should be noted that an announcement regarding the Injustice Invitational was made during the course of the Top 8. If you’ve somehow missed it, you can catch up by checking out this post!

The match to open Week 11’s Top 8 would be Perfect Legend vs. GTG Semiij. Known for his risky yet effective rushdown, Perfect Legend instead finds himself on the run from an untamed Semiij. The Orbiting Hat proves ineffective in covering his advance in light of Mileena’s strong anti-air options, and his panic jumps to escape offense cost him matches he cannot afford to give up. The loss of armor on his EX Spin can be made up for through a use of his EX Teleport instead, yet Perfect Legend’s use of it is absent in the set. Semiij’s offense proves to be too smothering for the legend to contend with, and the set concludes with a quick 3-0 outcome!

Second match would pave the way for a Week 1 runback between Echo Fox Scar, formerly PG Scar, and JagoBlake, formerly YOMI and now a free agent. In their previous encounter, JagoBlake emerged victorious 3-2. But Scar strikes with a vengeance, finding a consistent punish option against all of JagoBlake’s misspaced F2 attacks causing the Ninjutsu specialist to limit his use of the move. JagoBlake starts scouting the max range of Scar’s B2 string to force a whiff and punish, a tactic that proves effective, but his failure to remember the F4 string shatters his defense, giving Scar his first win. The spacing battle dramatically falls into Scar’s favor for the remainder of the set, and JagoBlake’s failure to challenge the neutral jump-punch doesn’t help his chances any. Scar achieves his redemption with a 3-0 blow-out to advance to semifinals!

On the other side of the bracket, Team Noble returns to shine its blinding light onto the opposition. Noble Dragon takes on Week 7 champion RevetLeafing using Impostor Shinnok. Dragon imposes his reign of tyranny upon Revet right off the bat, but the higher the pressure mounts, the more uncontrollable Revet’s gameplay becomes, much to Dragon’s chagrin. The switch to Pyromancer takes the fight to a DBZ setting with both players phasing in and out of sight, but this proves ineffective for Revet so he falls back to Dragon Naginata Tanya. With Revet quickly taking the life lead, Dragon is coerced into playing desperately and punished for his troubles. As the set stands tied at two wins apiece, Dragon finally resorts to a counter-pick with Royal Storm Kitana, a choice that proves quite effective for him as his air fireball game dramatically regulates RevetLeafing’s teleports to the point he’s forced to fight for his life. Revet’s inability to slow his gameplay down leads to his downfall at the hands of Dragon, who advances 3-2 after almost giving up the whole set!

Dragon’s ally, Noble Tweedy, takes on the walking death machine named Circa Destroyer. At first, it seemed that Tweedy could do no wrong, because all of Destroyer’s attempts to challenge are nullified by Possessed Kenshi’s EX Overhead. When a failure to meaty Tweedy in Game 2 leads to a crippling comeback, Destroyer’s wrath erupts into a storm of offense that flips the tables dramatically, forcing another 2-2 tie in the quarterfinals. His troubles in challenging the teleport become clear to Tweedy and he turns this to his advantage so as to reclaim the offensive momentum once again, enough to achieve a Flawless Victory as the opening to Game 5. A ray of hope shines for Destroyer when a reverse throw gives him corner control and Tweedy is without meter, but the Noble warrior manages to find a gap in Destroyer’s offense to chip out with repeated D1 attacks. With this victory, not one, but two Nobles advance to the semifinals!

The semifinals starts out quite similar to the course of the match with Perfect Legend and Semiij. Like with Legend, Semiij is also known for usually committing to actions whenever the edge is his, while a solid defense accompanies the offense. But the return of Scar’s Demolition Sonya Blade causes a noticeable slowdown in Semiij’s gameplay, opening him up to throws after throws in addition to the occasional mix-up between Sonya’s lows and overheads. As both characters are notorious for strong jump-ins, anti-airs become absent for the most part with both players understandably preferring to keep their fingers glued to the block buttons. A grenade cancel off a poke further serves to intimidate Semiij from challenging Scar. After three games, the points leader on the Kombat Cup rankings falls 0-3!

Between Noble Dragon and Noble Tweedy, a team kill must occur in the second half of semifinals. Dragon opts to place his faith in Assassin Kitana to take advantage of his successful approaches against Tweedy’s Kenshi, as he’s not willing to trust a zoning game against a character with a teleport. But what we see in the set is quite the opposite…it is Tweedy who runs the bulldozer while Dragon struggles to regulate the mayhem. Tweedy’s mix-ups off of crouching normals create more holes in Dragon’s armor while Dragon himself can only settle for guaranteed chip, which does little to even the odds. The second game looks like Dragon’s to win, until Tweedy begins abusing neutral jump-kicks after his teleports to petrify Dragon into blocking a little too much, allowing the Possessed specialist to steal it with a grab! The last game demonstrates a full lock onto Dragon’s increasing desperation to initiate Kitana’s float meta as Tweedy completely shuts it down with precise reads and timing. This victory locks Tweedy in for the Kombat Cup Season 1 finale (more on that later in this post)!

Before Tweedy can celebrate his triumph, he must undergo one more trial, and that is to face Echo Fox Scar in the Week 11 Grand Finals.  The resulting conflict can be likened to a seesaw: Scar goes up one win, then Tweedy goes up one win, then Scar, then Tweedy, and so on. Tweedy is in a hurry to come off the meter just to avoid the massacre, but this has the unfortunate effect of limiting his breakers which leaves him vulnerable to staggered overheads in the corner. Scar refuses to be contained by the teleport-based offense whether his jump-out gets clipped or not, making it harder for Tweedy to stay on his tail. Scar’s grenades trading with Tweedy’s wake-up overheads gives him enough time to recover from his knockdowns and pick up combos, often closing out the match as a result. With no answer to Scar’s set-up off of lows into enhanced grenades, Tweedy is quickly carried to the corner and subjected to a blender. The set goes down to a fifth game that results in a decisive victory for Echo Fox Scar!

Final Results

1st – Echo Fox Scar
Prizes: $250 and 150 league points

2nd – Noble Tweedy
Prizes: $100 and 125 league points

3rd/4th – Noble Dragon
Prizes: $50 and 75 league points

3rd/4th – GTG Semiij
Prizes: $50 and 75 league points

5th – Circa Destroyer
Prizes: 50 league points

5th – RevetLeafing
Prizes: 50 league points

5th – JagoBlake
Prizes: 50 league points

5th – Perfect Legend
Prizes: 50 league points

Match Log


Perfect Legend (Tempest Kung Lao and Buzzsaw Kung Lao): 0 vs. GTG Semiij (Ethereal Mileena): 3

JagoBlake (Ninjutsu Scorpion): 0 vs. Echo Fox Scar (Smoke): 3

Noble Dragon (Impostor Shinnok and Royal Storm Kitana): 3 vs. RevetLeafing (Dragon Naginata Tanya and Pyromancer Tanya): 2

Circa Destroyer (Hish-Qu-Ten Predator): 1 vs. Noble Tweedy (Possessed Kenshi): 3


GTG Semiij (Ethereal Mileena): 0 vs. Echo Fox Scar (Demolition Sonya Blade): 3

Noble Dragon (Assassin Kitana): 0 vs. Noble Tweedy (Possessed Kenshi): 3

Grand Finals

Noble Tweedy (Possessed Kenshi): 2 vs. Echo Fox Scar (Demolition Sonya Blade): 3


After multiple top 8 appearances, Echo Fox Scar finally gets a 1st place finish! We couldn’t be happier to see him achieve this victory after his recent ordeal in the hospital. What a way to make a return!

But Scar is not the only victor from last night. Far from it!

As you can see from the rankings above, we have six out of eight players that are completely locked in for the Season 1 Finale coming up on January 29th! No matter how the final Konquest and Kombat Cup brackets go, they are a shoe in for the final showdown. We cannot congratulate these guys enough for the tireless effort they’ve put in to make it this far along the road, just as we can’t thank you enough for your devoted viewership!

There are only two chances left to add points to your name. Coming up later tonight will be the final Konquest bracket of the season, and then on Sunday, the last leg of the Kombat Cup’s twelve-week league. Sign-ups are open for both of these events, so go get yourself ready!

Mr. Aquaman and Echo continue to find ways to add to the festivities via their evolving commentary, and we thank them for their commitment towards making the Kombat Cup enjoyable! We’ll be hyped to see them return this weekend to see off Week 12, but for now, we turn the reigns over to cR Mindset and GTG Doughboy for Konquest. These guys also know how to put up a show, so make sure to tune in tonight!

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