Echo Fox @khscar12 gives a preview of Injustice 2’s competitive lifespan

With Injustice 2’s release just a weekend away, Echo Fox decided to get some input from Scar regarding his predictions for the course the game will run in esports.

Scar notes how the absence of Mortal Kombat’s gory finishers will allow for better chances of exposure to esports, as he feels that the MK franchise’s M-rating is what ultimately held it back from flourishing as much as it could have – not to say that it didn’t thrive at all, of course, but a T-rated game allows a game to cater to a wider audience overall. See Street Fighter as an example of why.

Speaking of Street Fighter, Scar is happy to note the attention Injustice 2 is getting from communities outside of the NRS scene. Players from SF, Killer Instinct, Smash and so on have expressed pleasure over the direction Injustice 2 is going, both visually and competitively. In fact, PG Punk recently played a FT10 exhibition with Circa Forever King in the original Injustice game as part of his efforts to prepare for the sequel.

For those coming into Injustice 2, Scar advises that they take some time to play the first Injustice game to get used to the mechanics that will be carrying over such as the push-block and clash systems. The absence of a block button is something else to note, especially for those who began their competitive careers with Mortal Kombat X. However, Scar noted how quite a number of the MKX pros seemed to have no difficulty making the transition.

As far as competitive viability goes, Scar has given a vote of confidence for the following characters:

  • Brainiac
  • The Joker
  • The Flash
  • Doctor Fate
  • Captain Cold
  • Scarecrow
  • Cheetah
  • Firestorm

On the other hand, Cyborg and Blue Beetle seem to have disappointed him. He hopes that NRS took time to improve upon their toolsets since the beta, but he also feels that they’ve improved upon the problems that plagued Injustice 1, such as walk-speeds, background interactions and the introduction of new mechanics such as the aerial tech roll. These should allow for more diversity in offense and defense.

Injustice 2 brings a roster of characters that surpass that of the original Injustice, with nine additional fighters planned to be released as DLC. In fact, Injustice 2 will be launching with twenty-nine characters, the largest of any NRS game to date.

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