Echo Fox announces FGC depth!

The “surprises” that former cR member SonicFox has alluded to for quite some time have finally come to light, and in a much greater magnitude than we’d anticipated!

eSports team Echo Fox, who has already established a presence in shooters and MOBAs, has decided to make an explosive start to the year by introducing its brand new FGC division, and WHAT a division it is! The players who make up this division are Tokido, SonicFox, Scar (who recently left Panda Global), Justin Wong (who’d parted ways with Evil Geniuses), ChocoBlanka, MK_leosb and CoolGrayAJ!

The FGC had been scratching their collective heads over what could have prompted players such as Scar, Sonic and Justin to part ways with their previous sponsors, and now we have our answer. We wish these beacons of talent all the best and can’t wait to witness their achievements throughout 2017!

It should be noted that our young friend Sonic “hinted” towards this development around the time Scar parted ways with Panda Global, while Scar himself went on to clarify that his departure had nothing to do with his illness for which he’d been recently hospitalized. He has now recovered and is resting at home.

Given Echo Fox’s history as an eSports team, a sponsorship like this can only mean good things for all of the gaming communities that spawned each of these legends.
We will be eagerly watching this team, as will the rest of you!

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