Early Gameplay Footage from MvC Infinite Demo and E3 Build!

Probably to nobody’s surprise, combo enthusiasts immediately seized an opportunity to capture gameplay footage for Marvel vs Capcom Infinite once the story demo became available.

One such example is a clip showcasing a handful of Megaman X’s combos. Check it out!

Additionally, as there is a pre-release build for Marvel Infinite available to play at E3 2017, a collection of known names from the FGC took to Twitter to share clips of experiments being conducted in the lab…figuratively and literally. Below is a pair of sample videos shared by Echo Fox’s Justin Wong.

Splyce’s FChamp, the Evolution 2012 champion for Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, also takes to Twitter to offer insight on how competitors can expect to approach Marvel Infinite. A common praise for the game is that “it has depth,” which means that even after an extensive amount of time, a game’s potential may have yet to be fully realized. Smash Melee is an excellent example of this trait, as the game is fast approaching the age of twenty years since its release on the Gamecube, yet today’s players are continuing to discover tactics that drastically reshape its meta.

So what depth can we expect to see from Marvel Infinite? Read on.

Sounds very promising thus far! What are your opinions on Marvel Infinite in its early stages? Let us know on Twitter!

While you continue to enjoy the Marvel demo, we’d like to remind you that the final product will be playable for PS4, Xbox One and PC on September 19, 2017. You can pre-order now to reserve your copy. A standard edition and deluxe edition are available for pre-order, with the latter granting you early access to six DLC fighters (including Black Panther as revealed here) and six premium costumes for a portion of the roster.

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