Early Gameplay Footage for Dragonball FighterZ Closed Beta!

If you’re among those fortunate enough to be selected as testers for Dragonball FighterZ’s closed beta this weekend, you’re undoubtedly excited for Saturday to roll around so you can experience its magic for yourself.

However, it appears that there exist cracks on the beta, as a handful of players were able to slip through them and start playing right anyway. Below is a fifteen-minute clip of footage from the Xbox One version of the DBFZ beta, which provides a look into how the game’s online mode will function. This includes a map where the player’s icon, represented by a character from the Dragonball franchise, is actively exploring the replay channel, changing their button configuration, and of course, getting in some online matches with fellow Dragonball and FGC enthusiasts.

We’ll not keep you waiting any longer. Check out the footage from the PS3360HD2 YouTube channel!

To clarify, the beta has not been unlocked yet. The fact that the players seen in the video were able to access it early was a stroke of good fortune. As mentioned previously in this article, the beta will launch on the PS4 and Xbox One consoles on September 16th, lasting until the end of the 17th. See below for an image outlining the schedule for differing regions.

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