Early Bird Registration for Combo Breaker and EVO ends soon!

Registering online for FGC events is an advantage you’ll want to exploit as quickly as possible, because after some time has elapsed, the prices tend to go up.

For example, Combo Breaker 2017 – set to occur at the Mega Center in Illinois on May 26-28 – is currently charging a venue fee of $55 until April 2nd, at which point the price will increase to $70. That’s not accounting for the respective fees you have to pay for each game you want to enter. If you have yet to make up your mind about attending, we recommend you make a decision as soon as possible so you can save $15!

To register for Combo Breaker, visit their website. A list of the games available in their lineup can be seen at their registration page.

Coincidentally, EVO 2017 is also raising the price tag for registration after April 2nd…


Since registration for EVO 2017 currently costs $55, that means that the price will increase to $75 on April 3rd, plus another $10 for each game you enter. Hotel rooms and seats for the Sunday finals at Mandalay Bay are selling out fast, too. Therefore, if you plan to attend EVO, we advise making a purchase quickly!

Visit the EVO Shoryuken website to purchase either a competitor’s badge or a spectator’s badge. For tickets for the Sunday finals, visit the AXS website.

Fighting games have been seeing an amazing process of evolution this year (no pun intended), so you definitely don’t want to miss out on either of these events, as well as any others that come your way! For more information on EVO and/or Combo Breaker, please follow these Twitter accounts:

EVO Twitter –¬†https://twitter.com/EVO
Combo Breaker Twitter –¬†https://twitter.com/ComboBreakerFGC