Eagle’s Trailer revealed at #E32017

It has finally arrived…the trailer for Killer Instinct’s third and final addition to the post-Season 3 roster.

Meet Eagle, Thunder’s long-lost brother. Captured by UltraTech, it was presumed that he’d been transformed into one of their Fulgore units, when in fact his DNA had been copied into the lethal cyborgs. As the trailer indicates, he’d eventually been set free by Glacius, who’d launched an attack on the facility where Cinder was created using genetic information from Ben Farris and the ice alien.

Freed of UltraTech’s corruption, Eagle returns to the battlefield determined to “restore balance to the Earth.”

Other than a combo linker, defined as a special move that can extend a combo in Killer Instinct, not much is made clear about Eagle’s capabilities. We may yet see more of him at E3 this week, but Iron Galaxy and Microsoft are preparing to release a blog post at www.ultra-combo.com, presumably to share a breakdown about the character while slipping in a mention of the patch notes that will be included with the release of their 3.8 CU (Content Update).

More details to come, so keep an eye on our blog for updates and don’t forget to follow the KI team’s pages below:

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