Eagle will be free to S3 Ultra/Definitive Edition owners…soon

As those who follow Killer Instinct will know, Eagle glides into the roster today at 9 A.M. Pacific Time. However, chances are that the update may roll out sooner than scheduled, so we recommend checking your game application on your Xbox One or PC for any sign of an update. Additionally, balance updates will be included with Eagle’s release – see this post for more information.

Now, the circumstances behind Eagle’s release have taken an interesting turn, a fact that Iron Galaxy and Microsoft have been quick to acknowledge. When Kilgore and Shin Hisako were released, both came with price tags ranging from five to ten bucks, and Eagle will follow suit…for now. Purchasing Eagle will also give you access to his retro costumes, excluding premium accessories which can be purchased using KI Gold (in-game currency).

But if you happen to own either the Season 3 Ultra Edition or the Definitive Edition of Killer Instinct, and you’re willing to wait a little while longer, the teams behind KI’s existence have every intention of making Eagle playable to anybody who owns either version of the game, at no cost. Plans to remove his price tag will go into motion today. However, if you purchase Eagle before his price tag changes to “free,” you will be charged as normal.

They’ve also acknowledged that while they are willing to assign deadlines to the release of their content, chances are that unexpected obstacles could occur, setting them back in the process. That said, if Eagle does not become free to purchase today, they will make him available via the feature that allows players free access to a unique character each week. For this week, that character will be Eagle, regardless of whether you’ve purchased him or not.

Of course, if you’re truly devoted towards supporting the game or you’re just impatient, you can proceed to purchase him for only five bucks.

“Will Kilgore and Shin Hisako become free to purchase as well?”

Their answer to this question was, and I quote from their blog post at the Ultra Combo forums: “No. Well, not yet.” The reason behind that response ties into what comes next…read on.

If you missed out on the Killer Instinct Top 8 finals at CEO 2017, which occurred over a week ago, Jebailey made an amazing announcement that blew the minds of the KI fanbase. You’ll recall that when Season 3 launched, Killer Instinct was made available to play on Windows 10, which would be tied to the Xbox One platform by way of cross-play, meaning that players from differing platforms could connect and play against each other. Well as of now, Microsoft and Iron Galaxy plan to make another expansion to a platform that does not rely on Windows 10 for operation.

Killer Instinct is confirmed to be coming to Steam! When, exactly? No release date has been dropped other than this line: “later this year.” Though the team has expressed that we may not have to wait that long, they’re simply using that quote to ensure themselves plenty of wiggle room in case the task of porting the game to Steam requires more of their time and effort.

Back to Jebailey’s announcement. He stated explicitly that owners of the Definitive Edition – and allegedly the S3 Ultra Edition as well – will be able to download Kilgore, Shin Hisako and Eagle for free should they already own the game on either an Xbox One or Windows 10 platform. The game will also feature every character that’s been released so far, excluding the three not tied to any season. So in addition to bringing the game to a third platform, they are practically welcoming back their veterans whilst opening up a new opportunity for those not quite fortunate enough to own an Xbox One or Windows 10! This gesture rewards the supporters while advertising the product to a potential addition to their crowd.

It remains unclear if Steam will have access to cross-play like the other two platforms do. After all, Steam is not tied exclusively to the Xbox Live network. Details have yet to be released.

For a full rundown on Eagle’s journey to lose that price tag, see this post from Ultra Combo.

Once again, free or not, the character is definitely dropping along with the 3.8 update this morning, barring any complications. Keep an eye out for that update! For more news on Killer Instinct, follow our blog and the pages below:

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