Eagle to be released with 3.8 CU after @CEOGaming and @E3

You’ll recall from this post that a teaser trailer for Eagle was dropped during the Killer Instinct finals at last weekend’s Combo Breaker. Today, Iron Galaxy and Microsoft have released their concept art for the character in addition to notes about when he is expected to be released!

One thing we know for sure: Eagle will be released as a playable character for Killer Instinct later this month. But when exactly, you ask? According to this post at the Ultra Combo forums, we can assume that a trailer for the character will drop during the week of E3 and CEO – in other words, two weeks from today. As we’ve been told not to expect a $9.99 price tag for the character since he will not be the driving force behind a Community Fund, it’s a given he’ll be priced for $4.99 when he is released.

Details on his move list, costumes, etc. will be shared as we count down towards his addition to the roster. As for those expecting information about the game itself at E3, the team has noted that Eagle is their current focus, so other than potentially undisclosed specifics about him, we might not want to get our hopes up for other news.

Eagle will be released with the 3.8 CU (content update) later this June. Missed his teaser trailer from Combo Breaker? See below.

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