Eagle joins the @KillerInstinct roster this June!

The third and final (presumably) addition to the Killer Instinct roster has been revealed…actually, perhaps “teased” is the more appropriate word, but the title of the KI team’s latest YouTube video confirms that Eagle will be joining the fight in June!

Shortly before the Killer Instinct Grand Finals between HW Valoraxe and UA Wheels at Combo Breaker, the trailer above was revealed on stream. You don’t exactly get a view of the character’s face, but when you look at how the weapons in the trailer are designed, it’s quite likely that fans would have identified the final character whether or not the title was a spoiler. And that’s obviously an eagle flying behind him, isn’t it?

Who is Eagle?¬†According to Killer Instinct lore, he’s known as Thunder’s long-lost sibling. Before the Killer Instinct tournament came to pass, it was alleged that UltraTech captured Eagle and transformed him into a lethal cyborg code-named Fulgore. However, his reveal suggests that he may have somehow been restored to his human form…or he may never have been used in Fulgore’s creation after all.¬†It’s also possible that he’s simply a bonus character with no influence on where the lore currently stands.

Regardless, players have been eager for Eagle’s addition to the game ever since Iron Galaxy expanded upon Thunder’s storyline near the end of Season 2, and now they’ve finally got their wish. Next in line is a complete reveal trailer for Eagle, as well as a gameplay demonstration!

On a side-note, we’d like to congratulate HW Valoraxe for becoming the Killer Instinct champion at Combo Breaker! A post detailing the complete results for the event will be shared tomorrow.

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