DreamHack to Host Two Halo Events in 2017

It’s the pairing Halo fans have always wanted.

With the 2016 Fall season having officially concluded, it’s time for fans to get ready for the upcoming World Championship in the spring. While we prepare ourselves for the insane rostermania that we know is going to put the contributors to various eSports wikis to work, however, ESL and DreamHack are partnering with 343 Industries to bring a brand-new NA HCS Pro League circuit to the scene for the 2017 Summer season.

Eight teams will compete over the course of seven weeks of the online portion of both 2017 seasons, Summer and Fall, with the relegation matches and finals being held in a live LAN event. The North American Summer 2017 Finals will be showcased on the main show floor on July 21st-23rd at DreamHack Atlanta. The Fall 2017 Finals will take place at DreamHack Denver on October 20th-22nd.

“The HCS Pro League has proven itself to be the destination to watch and play top competitive Halo. It’s been amazing to see the level of competition from teams and players, and we’ve all been captivated by the rivalries and storylines that have formed,” said 343 Industries esports producer Tahir Hasandjekic in a statement, “For 2017, we’re excited to implement player and community feedback we received throughout the year and are thrilled to be a part of the legendary DreamHack events.”

DreamHack boasts that their partnership with ESL will provide more competition between professional and amateur teams, as amateur teams have the chance to claim the title of season champion at one of their events through the Open Bracket.

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