DreamHack Announces Nordic Championship

If you are a big follower of DreamHack, then you know today marks a brand new chapter in Nordic eSports history. DreamHack, which is the world’s largest digital festival and the largest esport organizer in the Nordics, is thrilled to reveal it’s expansion in the Nordic eSports market. Today they announced The Nordic Championship which stands as the new eSports competition where the four major Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden) will compete in a huge final. This will pit the best eSport competitors from each country against each other to determine who is the best in the Nordics. Christian Lord, Head of eSports at DreamHack stated,

“This is the natural next step in the evolution of the Swedish eSports championship ESPORTSM that we have been running for five successful years. We have always been interested in teaming up with our Nordic partners and make a joint effort around this. Now it’s finally time for it.”

The very first season of The Nordic Championship will be considered as a kick-off season. This will feature the National Champions from each country clashing at DreamHack Winter 2016 and fighting for prize pool of €20.000 in Jönköping, Sweden, on November 24th. The championship and will feature three official games: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Hearthstone and StarCraft II. “All matches will be played on a dedicated stage in the eSport hall in front of a live audience.” All competition will be covered and broadcasted in a high quality English live stream. As to where you can watch,  unfortunately, more details have yet to be provided.

According to Lord, by 2017 the Nordic Championship will find partners in Norway and Denmark so they properly host the National Championships in these countries. In the meantime, DreamHack will host Online Qualifiers for the 2016 kick-off season, this will include eSportDM(The Danish eSport Championship) and eSportNM (The Norwegian esport Championship) at DreamHack Winter 2016.

“We have ambitious plans for the Nordic Championship, as we have already decided to take the 2017 finals to another country than Sweden. We are looking forward to share more information during the upcoming months”


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