DragonBall Fighters in development by ArcSystemWorks!

Fans of the DragonBall franchise will be extremely ecstatic to know that DragonBall Fighters is currently in development by ArcSystemWorks, the company that brought you the highly popular anime-styled fighting franchise known as Guilty Gear! Although, it would appear that their “announcement” came earlier than intended.

According to information from the post linked above at gematsu.com, the announcement for DragonBall Fighters was dated for June 12th. It was initially revealed via the Japanese version of the Bandai Namco website, but it has since been removed. However, Gematsu saved a backup of the announcement here. You may want to get those Google Translators ready if you are not fluent in Japanese.

From studying a handful of images illustrating gameplay, DragonBall Fighters boasts an artistic style that closely mirrors Guilty Gear, which is to be expected given its developer. The game will assume a three-versus-three combat approach similar to Marvel vs Capcom 3 and King of Fighters XIV, whilst incorporating the high-speed battles and flashy sequences that the DragonBall franchise is known for. Previous DragonBall titles from the game series have recently assumed a 3D approach, but DragonBall Fighters approaches it from a 2.5D angle this time, so as to allow camera angles and awesome scenes not possible from standard 2D.

Thus far, a portion of the roster has been revealed to be:

  • Goku
  • Vegeta
  • Frieza
  • Majin Buu

Not a surprising handful of choices, though the remainder of the roster remains to be seen. The game is slated for a release for PS4, Xbox One and PC in early 2018, but given that this announcement was originally set for June 12th, this suggests that we may get treated to a glimpse at E3 next week!

We’ll keep an eye on E3 and inform you should we learn anything! Until then, be sure to follow this blog for updates. Credits for this information go to Gematsu.com.