TSM’s Doublelift Announces His Hiatus

Before you watch the video below, please that you may need tissues. Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng, from Team SoloMid, just announced he is taking a break and the video that he made about it is six minutes of heart-wrenching, roller-coaster feels.

“It’s taken a lot out of me, I guess. I don’t like to use the word ‘Burnt out’ because I think it’s pretty overused, but, I have been working tirelessly for a quarter of my life on this project.”

Doublelift talks about how he is just taking a break will try his best to come back for summer. He talked about how he thought about full retirement and something that has been looming over him for years but confides, “Do I really want my story to end like this?”

He is, of course, referring to TSM’s inability to advance to the League of Legends World Championship 2016 Quarterfinals. In a Twitlonger post a few weeks ago, Doublelift apologized for playing so badly and costing his team a crucial win.

“I’ve never been a weak link of any roster I’ve been on until this moment. Everyone has felt embarrassment and shame, but have you felt it in this magnitude? I let down my teammates, friends, and millions of fans. It’s a crippling feeling of unworthiness.”

Doublelift goes on to say that he knows that if he stuck with this roster he knows they would make it so much further than Groups but he needs this break. He feels that he has never really had time off for real relationships with friends and is looking to make himself a real life. He is going on a life quest to figure out who he is, what he wants, and a new sense of appreciation.

He has had one hell of a career in League of Legends. Doublelift is widely regarded as one of the most mechanically skilled AD carries in North America. It’s a title that he is both confident in owning, and very driven to maintain. He doesn’t want this year’s Qualifiers to taint his career. So, during his break He will stream regularly on his Twitch channel and practice to come back this summer. His career may have had its ups and downs but he states, “It’s been really awesome…but I’m glad I’m able to go through them, and move on, and become better.”


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