Disney XD will air the Smash 4 Finals at @EVO 2017 on Sunday!

No, this is not a joke. Mr Wizard is not the type of man to play games, ironic as that statement may sound.

A ground-breaking revelation shook the Smash community last night when the Wizard himself announced that the Sunday finals for Super Smash Bros. Wii-U, also referred to as Smash 4, will be aired on the Disney XD network this Sunday at 3 P.M. Pacific Time.

Hopes for multiple games to be broadcast on television were dashed after the ESPN announcement regarding the SFV World Finals (see here for details), but this revelation brings them back to life. Although EVO is currently progressing through its first part today, who knows if other communities will be just as fortunate?!

Smash Wii-U brings the second-highest count of entrants to EVO this year with 1,515 players. The brackets will run their course today and tomorrow until only eight players remain. These competitors will then proceed to the World Stage for the final showdown on Sunday!

A similar announcement has been shared via the DXPofficial Twitter account, retweeted by Disney XD themselves. Check it out for a trailer regarding the Smash 4 World Finals at EVO!

Make sure to check with your local network if you want to catch the live broadcast before ESPN brings you the conclusion to Street Fighter V’s second run at EVO! For those who’d prefer to watch the live stream instead, see this post for a stream schedule.

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