Discuss game balance for @Brawlhalla with the developers!

As fighting games continue to evolve, the developers responsible for the birthing of each game have been taking steps to communicate better with their players in order to create the best possible experience for them. Between casuals and hardcore competitors, the concerns are numerous and sometimes it’s quite difficult to find an even ground for both sides, but the effort is nonetheless constant and admirable.

Blue Mammoth Games, the team behind Brawlhalla’s creation, is taking a huge stride towards this goal by opening a Discord server called The Forge, where players will be able to meet with the developers to contribute feedback regarding the game’s competitive balance!

Ever felt like your character could be better off and/or that others are too much? What about the strength or weaknesses of the weapons? Stage layouts? Join the Forge and make your voice heard!

Also, Patch 2.62 went live yesterday. It contains no balance adjustments due to Combo Breaker, which is part of the ongoing Brawlhalla Circuit, but it does introduce some additions to the test features that revolve around the concept of “dodging,” as per feedback from the community.

At the blog post above (you can read it here), the developers notify us once again about the progress of the PS4 Closed Beta. We’re happy to quote this line directly from them:  “Closed Beta Codes will be ready to go soon!”

If you haven’t heard, Brawlhalla will be available to play on the Playstation 4 this summer…release date has yet to be announced, but they will be opening a closed beta to test out the game’s PS4 version before the transition occurs. If you have not yet signed up, you can do so now by going to beta.brawlhalla.com! In the meantime, PC players can download the game now and get to practicing – see this Steam page for instructions!

As we count down towards the beginning of the beta, make sure to tune in to Combo Breaker to enjoy their competitive Brawlhalla Singles bracket! Need a schedule? Visit their official website to learn more.

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