Diablo III’s Malthael Comes To Heroes Of The Storm Roster

If you are a fan of Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm then you have seen a bunch of new characters coming from their other games. Lately they have been mostly Overwatch characters. However, the game’s next playable character will be coming from the Diablo series. Malthael, the bad guy from Diablo III‘s Reaper of Souls expansion, will officially make his way to Heroes of the Storm.

Blizzard revealed the news on Twitter (seen above). The link to his profile on the HotS website offers more of a rundown on all of his abilities, and he sounds like an incredibly powerful Assassin. Malthael will be mostly used for dealing damage to high-health enemies.

“His trait causes any non-structure target hit by his basic attack to receive the Reaper’s Mark debuff for four seconds. Anyone with the Mark on them is revealed and loses 2.5% of their maximum health every second for the duration. In other words, a single basic attack will deal damage equivalent to 10% of an enemy’s max health.”

All of his basic abilities also involve Reaper’s Mark:

  • Death Shroud – Creates a wave that inflicts the Mark on everyone it hits.
  • Soul Rip – Nearby enemies who are marked take immediate damage, with Malthael also healing himself based on the number of targets hit.
  • Wraith Strike – Malthael teleports through a marked enemy, dealing damage and refreshing the Mark’s duration.

Unfortunately, a release date for Malthael hasn’t been announced, but with Blizzard, characters usually aren’t revealed too far in advance of their announcement. Also, be on the lookout for videos of Malthael gameplay, which also have yet to be released, but you can likely expect to see those soon.