Details on Red Hood’s release from the Watchtower tomorrow!

Enjoying Injustice 2, gamers? Fortunately for you, the content is not about to run dry any time soon!

Why is that? Well, you might tune in to the Watchtower this week for your answer, especially if you are awaiting Red Hood’s addition to the roster. According to Mr. Ed Boon, we’ll be getting details on his release date tomorrow!

The broadcast occurs tomorrow at 3 P.M. Central Time. For those of you in the Eastern Time Zone, that translates to 4 P.M.

Missed out on Red Hood’s trailer from Combo Breaker? Check it out here!

In case you missed their stream last week, the NRS team took to the airwaves to walk us through the makings of the Injustice 2 mobile game, which is available for download on either your Android or iOS device. See this page to find the links with which you can download the app!

With Injustice 2 barely a month old, we’re excited for the surprises NRS has yet to throw our way. Make sure you follow this blog and the pages below to stay updated!

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