Details on Pokken Tournament World Championships 2017

As the final chapter to the legacy of Pokken Tournament’s current version (or one of its final chapters, rather), sixteen players will be invited to the Anaheim Convention Center this Saturday to compete for the title of Pokken Tournament World Champion, as well as a prize pool of $20,000!

Thus far, we know the names of twelve of the finalists we’ll see this weekend. The remaining four will be decided with a Last Chance Qualifier that will take place this Friday at the ACC. The players placing within the Top 4 of that bracket will fill the remaining slots for the finale.

As you may have figured out from the Twitter posts shared here, Mr. Alex Jebailey will be among those responsible for overseeing the World Championship. Follow his Twitter closely for updates.

The twelve finalists that have qualified for the championship are as follows:

  • Fabilous
  • Xabsoluted 
  • Elm
  • Goreson
  • Suicune Master
  • Thuilius
  • Rasenryu
  • SlippingBug
  • Messa
  • Mikukey_HOMURA
  • ITO

The finals bracket will be completed once the last four finalists have been determined via the LCQ.

Coverage for the World Championships will be split across four different channels. Information on the event’s schedule as well as streaming periods can be found here at the Pokemon Company’s official website. Pokken finals will also coincide with the finals for the TCG version (trading card game).

It’s been a long but exciting year to be a Pokken player. With the World Championships upon us, who will prove him- or herself to be the one true Pokemon Master?!

As a reminder, Pokken Tournament DX is due for its release on the Nintendo Switch in September 22nd. This update will port the game over to Nintendo’s current console while introducing new content for its players to enjoy, such as new playable characters and a multitude of modes.